Sunshine in a drop of water.

On this photo the nature meet with the city.  Can you guess where the drops of water are? Street photography is something that came to my mind just few weeks ago on photographer’s meet up. We went to an exhibition together. We wanted to walk around the city and take some pictures together, but it was raining. Me and two others photographers went for a coffee. We were sitting in a restaurant, watching people walking outside and we were talking about the rain and street photography. I did not understand why some photographers like to go out in the rain and take pictures until now. Until this moment when I took this amazing photo. Rain can make ordinary things so beautiful.







The last picture bellow is the original photo. All the other pictures above were cropped from this original. I can spend hours on editing pictures and trying different cropping. Composition of a photo is very important for me and I really like playing with it.


When I heard about street photography first time, I thought: ” That is not for me. How could I enjoy taking pictures of buildings, they don’t move and there is no action.” You can see the type of action pictures that I like to take in these articles here:

Anytime I get a nice shot of something or someone who is moving, it feels good, because I captured a special moment that no one else did or even saw. There is so much to be discovered about street photography and so much for me to learn. I was walking around the city for few months before I took this one first picture on the street.

I am the type of person that like everything about the nature and prefer to stay far from city. But now it seems that I found a new hobby, discovering the beauty of city life and street photography.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope that soon I will share more pictures with you and reveal the location where I took a photo of this wonderful water drops. I have so much that I would love to write about. Sometimes I don’t know what to write first, which topic to choose first. You can have a look in “Categories” and give me a little clue in comment or write me a message on Facebook saying which topic you would like me to write about next.



P.S. WordPress Daily Prompts: Water :


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10 Responses to Sunshine in a drop of water.

  1. Wow! Incredible! 🙂

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  2. polkadotsandcurry says:

    Im so glad I came here. Love your writing. So much depth !

    Do visit me at

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  3. Sarah Arrow says:

    Caroline, these are stunning – thank you for sharing. The first one is my favourite, that sunbeam in the water, it tells a story all of its own!

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  5. Shri says:

    Wow! It’s beautiful!

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