Flowers at sunrise. Day 25 Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge

When you look at flowers at sunrise you will be surprise how beautiful they look in morning light. You can get very creative with flowers during your morning walks. Open your eyes, look around you, you will spot some amazing plants shining and waking up. Try to take pictures from different angles, with sunrise in the background or with sun behind you shining on the flower. Kids can get very excited about finding flowers for you. My son actually found this flower for me and we took these photos together..


Photo of the day 25 of Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge was taken with my phone on Friday 16.9.2016 at 6:50am. 




Exercise of the day:

Last four days I could not go out in the morning to take pictures of sunrise. I still woke up early everyday and watched the sky from my window, but I can never see the sun from my house. I always have to walk at least 30 minutes to get nice view. Anyway, I kept doing exercise everyday indoor and walked later during the day. I have added swimming and sauna to my weekly schedule so I am quite pleased with my progress in the health part of the challenge. How are you doing? Have you managed to add more exercise into your routine? How do you find the early start and waking up to catch sunrise?  Stop by in our new Facebook group and have a chat with us about the challenge, about your health goals and share your sunrise photos with us.




It is never too late to join Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge! Have fun with the sun, discover the beauty of the nature and experience something new during your morning walks to capture sunrise.

The rules of the challenge are wide open, you can pick your own goals, do it in your own time and even focus on the health part and use old photos.

Have a look at the list of goals and more details about Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge in the introduction article.

Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge: Introduction

Link your blog post about your day 25 of the challenge to this article by commenting below and by adding link to my introduction article to your blog post. Help spread the word by sharing and tweeting. Have a look at my Twitter and Facebook pages, I am sharing all your contribution to the challenge.

Have a look at articles from people who joined us for 25th day of the challenge:

(  )

( When you will complete your day 25 of the challenge, I will add link to your 25th day blog post here.)

I am looking forward to read your blog post and see your wonderful pictures.

Let me know what you think in comments.


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1 Response to Flowers at sunrise. Day 25 Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge

  1. Nezel Yurong says:

    It’s so true! Flowers welcome the sunrise too and they are beautiful under the light. Seems your son’s really enjoying the activity with you.😊

    Liked by 1 person

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