Magic at Portmarnock beach. Day 21 Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge

Portmarnock beach is magical place for sunrise pictures and also perfect beach for a family trip. I have been dreaming for ages about watching sunrise with my kids together and experiencing the wonderful view of sun popping up from the horizon over sea. I was searching for perfect location, joined sunrise club, went to sunrise event with photographers and tried many locations. Until now I was unlucky. The sun was either hiding behind clouds or popping up over some buildings or boats. Have you read how I was chasing the sun at Sea Point? How the ferry in Dublin docks arrived exactly at the place where the sun was rising and how the ferry stayed in the view? Or how the sun was making fun of me? (Well, in case you missed some article, click on the blue text to catch up.) Finally the sun was kind, generous and playful, shining in its full beauty and pop pop popping up from the sea. My dream came true. Yeah!

Photos of the day 21 of Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge were taken with my camera on Sunday 11.9.2016 from 6:37am to 8:20am (time of sunrise was 6:52am).


My first attempt for creating a frame in Photoshop (photo above). I can’t stop looking at the photo and I will probably print it soon and hang it on the wall. What do you think?


First tree photos below were taken before sunrise. When the sky is clear with only few clouds, the magic is happening about 30 minutes before sunrise (at the time of Civil Twilight). We saw the changing colors on the sky from car on our way to Portmarnock beach. We arrived quite late, so we only had about 15 minutes before the sun started to peek over the sea. I didn’t have much time to get my camera ready or take many pictures, but I was very happy that we had finally good weather, we were at good location and we were all there waiting for sunrise. Me and my kids, we all experienced the magic together as a family for the first time.


Exercise of the day:

Well, I have done lots of walking, running and chasing after my subjects for photography. We brought our family dog Gerina to the beach and my kids wanted to take picture with the dog and with the sunrise in background. ( Boy with his dog: Special request for sunrise photo for painting.) My kids kept throwing things in the sea for the dog to jump in the waves and I was walking barefoot in the water taking photos. My kids joined me in barefoot walking for little while and we all loved it. As you can see we all did lots of exercise. I have to say that we slept nearly 12 hours at night. I used to have very bad sleeping habits and I still have sleepless nights (and insomnia), so long sleep like this was big success for me.

How are you doing in achieving your health goals? Any luck in chasing the sun? Please let me know in comments and pop into our new Facebook group for chat.

My dream came true today. One of my hight goals, to capture sunrise popping up straight from the sea is achieved. Dont give up on your dreams and on your goals! Keep going, the day will come. The day, when you will feel victory, will come to you and you will feel very happy too.

It is never too late to join Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge! Have fun with the sun, discover the beauty of the nature and experience something new during your morning walks to capture sunrise.

The rules of the challenge are wide open, you can pick your own goals, do it in your own time and even focus on the health part and use old photos.

Have a look at the list of goals and more details about Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge in the introduction article.

Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge: Introduction

Link your blog post about your day 21 of the challenge to this article by commenting below and by adding link to my introduction article to your blog post. Help spread the word by sharing and tweeting. Have a look at my Twitter and Facebook pages, I am sharing all your contribution to the challenge.

Have a look at articles from people who joined us for 21st day of the challenge:

( )

( When you will complete your day 21 of the challenge, I will add link to your 21st day blog post here.)

I am looking forward to read your blog post and see your wonderful pictures.

Let me know what you think in comments.


P.S. Please join us in our new group on Facebook and have a look at latest sunrise photos, share your sunrise pictures with us and get support from members of the group. Together it is easier to achieve your health and sunrise goals.


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  1. honorireland says:

    Such beautiful pictures and a lovely post xx

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