Introducing new secret category for my special readers

The same way you are thinking “Who is the person behind the shadow in this photo?” you may be thinking “What is this new category for my special readers about?” First of all this secret category is here for you. You are my special reader. I am happy that I have you here reading my blog so I have decided to share something little with you. It may be an interesting photo,a small joke to brighten up your day, a little story or news from my blogging life or some cool tip for bloggers that I have discovered. You may see some pictures of my art in progress and be part of my creative process by influencing me in how to finish the painting (for example the background colours of the painting). I am going to tell you why is it secret.


Each post in this category is going to be a little secret on my social media. I will not share any of these posts on my social media (except 2 automatic tweets that I have set up for all my blog posts). Usually I do share each of my blog posts on my Facebook page and in many different Facebook groups but this time I am not allowed to share my post. Only my readers are allowed to share it. It is a little blogging test to solve the riddle: “More writing or more promoting? Which one is best for my blog and for my readers?” I would also like to find out if I have readers that regularly come to my blog. My kids took this category as a little challenge. Yes, my kids are also the readers of my blog ( sometimes also proofreaders, correcting my spelling mistakes). A few days ago I posted the first post in this  secret category:

Lochness monster spotted in Glendalough

I kept it secret and did not share the post in any of my social media (except the two tweets). How did my kids take it as a challenge? They shared my blog everywhere and clicked on this post hundred of times from all their devices so it messed up my status for the day. This post appeared at the first position/ on the top of “Top posts & pages” in the WordPress statistics of my blog. Now you see where is the challenge coming from… Let’s see who is better in promoting my posts, me or my readers? As I am not allowed to share posts in the secret category, you my readers have the chance to win. You can see how each of my posts is doing in the statistics. It appears on the right side of my blog page in a column with a headline “Top posts & pages”. The post which is on the top/ listed first has the highest number of views. It is an interesting test, isn’t?

Have a look and see which post is the most popular post of the day. (It changes daily)

Thank you for reading my blog.

Let me know what do you think in comments so I know I have you, my special reader 🙂

(For more secret articles check the links at the end of this article or browse in the category.)



P.S. Check list of post published in secret category:

Some Posts published in secret category:

Clouds – one positive quote for you

Empowered woman – Oil painting, work in progress

Have unicorns returned to Ireland?


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6 Responses to Introducing new secret category for my special readers

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  2. Shri says:

    Great idea of introducing the secret category Petra! I did not initially understand about the idea behind this secret category but now that I do, I think it’s brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙂 It is interesting to watch how many people actually found the articles in this category and I hope it will became even more popular when I will share some secrets and insights about my creations. I have a post sheduled for tomorrow about something that I am working on right now and you can be a part of the creating process 🙂 So come back tomorrow and have a peek 🙂


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