My blogging journey part 1: Inspired by Clare with the Hair

Why did you start blogging? Do you hear this question often? 201424Sep_2236

I often ask this from other bloggers, because I would like to know why people write blogs. It is quite interesting what inspires people to write and since I signed up for WordPress in the middle of July 2015 I have been thinking about writing an article for you about the start of my blogging journey. There are many people and little events that pointed me to the right direction towards blogging. It would be logical to put it chronologically from the first thought, or first idea, from the beginning up to today. But it is quite a long story. And the longer the story is, the more difficult and scary is for me to write it all down. So I decided to share it with you slowly and write short stories.

Today I am going to tell you about a blogger Claire McCarthy, about her blog Clare with the hair and how she inspired me.


First time I met Claire McCarthy online on Facebook in a group called Blog network IRL. Here is a link for you if you want to have a look:

I noticed that Claire is encouraging people to take the time to read each other’s posts and support each other with likes or comments. I really like that. I wanted to start blogging so I joined the Facebook group and posted some questions there. Claire was very responsive and helpful. Quite a few bloggers recommended WordPress for blogging. So I signed up for it and created my own blog using some free templates in just few minutes. The first two weeks I was trying to learn more about WordPress. I was trying different templates and design. As an artist I wanted the page look good and exactly how I picture it in my head. I got a bit depressed because I could not create what I wanted. I spent lots of time working on design and writing nothing. It’s not easy to manage or design your blog when you have no post there. So I started to read other blogs for inspiration and to find out how it all works. At that moment I got rescued by Clare with the hair and her article “Clare’s Top Tips on beginning Blog.”

You can read the complete article when you click on this link:

Even if you are blogging for long time you can benefit from reading these tips. Here is Claire with the hair‘s blog tip that I love the most and how it influenced me:

“Fake it until you make it” and  “…be confidant about your blog…..put time into content, pictures, research and your free template will be great…”

So I stopped worrying about design and started to write. September is my second full months of blogging and I am really enjoying it. I still do not worry about design of this page too much and I am leaving it for a later stage when I will have lots of material and articles posted here. It is good to feel free to write, write, write and work on the design part of your blog slowly in little steps. So Thank you Clare with the hair for this tip that set me free. That is exactly what writers need, not to be blocked but to be free to write and enjoy it.

I have to mention second tip from Clare with the hair blog that really helped me:

“Write about what you love and not what you think others will love” 


I guess many bloggers keep asking themselves: Will people like what I write? What should I write about to get more readers? It is good to ask readers what they like and make them happy with post that they are asking for, but at the beginning when you have no readers, how will you choose what to write about? After reading all blogging tips on Clare with the hair blog I realized that I should ask myself different type of questions: Do I enjoy writing about this topic? What else I love? There are people who love art, photography, dogs, horses and other animals as much as I do. And the most important question is: Where I will find these people? My readers who share the same interest as me and are passionate about the same things like me, these readers are there somewhere. I just have to find them.


To find readers require time and effort. It can be a little bit or it can be a lot about marketing, targeting audience and about creating good marketing campaign on social media. I love digital marketing, it is one of my hobbies to discover all the amazing publishing tools on WordPress and on social media. I feel like a little baby who has just started walking = blogging, so excited about every click, view, comment or feedback that I get. I am so happy to see YOU here, my reader. Even if it is only YOU reading my blog, I will keep writing for YOU.

It is really refreshing to stop worrying about having lots of readers and just write. If you are enjoying blogging it is worth to write even for one reader. Don’t give up.

If you are thinking about starting your own blog, do not hesitate and try it. It’s free, the only thing that will cost you is your time.

And here we are, back to the question that I asked at the beginning. Why did I start blogging? The answer has a root back in my childhood, as a child I had very good imagination. I wrote my first book when I was 9 years old. Why I haven’t published anything yet? What takes me so long to start blogging, who motivate me and inspired me to write? If you would like to know more, keep an eye on my new posts in category “My blogging journey”. It would be too long to write it all now, so before I write the last dot in this post now I will at least give you few clues so you can find out why I love blogging:

Search for my articles on my blog in “Categories.” One of my favorite categories to write about is “Little photoshoots in Fairview park” so I am leaving link for you to find it easily:

When you read about my little photoshoots, you will see that as a photographer I enjoy taking pictures of dogs in action, editing them and writing about it. Other animals especially horses, flowers, nature, landscape and portraits are all on the list of my favorite subjects for photography and also for my paintings.

And as a photographer I am recommending an article about amazing photoshoot on blog Clare with the hair. Here is the link and one picture that I like the most:


Blogging is an amazing world and I am glad that I met Claire McCarthy and that I can be part of her “Bloggers exchange”. Read more about it on her blog Clare with the hair.

Thank you for reading part 1 of may blogging journey.  I hope that you have found some inspiration here. Let me know what you think.



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5 Responses to My blogging journey part 1: Inspired by Clare with the Hair

  1. Thank you Petra x This is amazing, i am between bawling and laughing while reading this x I am so pleased that you began blogging, it really is an amazing hobby and a wonderful community of creative, talented and friendly people xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Clare, I am happy you like it, you are my inspiration and no 1 on my reading list of blogs. I absolutely love your photo shoot and your pictures from Boudoir Darlings. Can you believe someone wants to buy me a photo shoot from them as Christmas present? So tempting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Go for it! Shauna and her team are the best to work with, I didn’t do selfies, I didn’t enjoy my photo taken until I meet Shauna. She is the best x I adore this piece, I will need to write one about you and your blogs x

        Liked by 1 person

      • I am proud to be part of your Blogger exchange and I am looking forward the reading . You have done very good “advertising – recommendation” job for Boudoir Darlings,I am definitely going to ask for Shauna and tell them how I know about them…I worked in digital marketing for a while as part of my school program, trying to prove that advertising online works well for photographers and you are nice example of the fact that “It is working!”because I am going to be the customer 🙂 ha

        Liked by 1 person

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