Art contest SAVE THE FROGS! 2015 and how photographers helped us

I have been promoting SAVE THE FROGS! art competition on my blog and my social media last few months. The final day to submit your art work is nearly here (for the year 2015). I am writing this post just to remind all of you, who still want to participate, to submit your artwork before the deadline.


Make sure you submit your art work correctly and read the instruction carefully on SAVE THE FROGS! website:

As long as your mail is postmarked by October 19th, it will be entered into this year’s contest. There is no need to use expensive fast post. Instead of paying for expensive post donate the money to SAVE THE FROGS!

SAVE THE FROGS! received 12590 frog art entries from 70 different countries between 2009 and 2014. You can see which countries participated  by clicking on the picture below.


I would like to thank you to everyone who got involved together with me and helped SAVE THE FROGS! A special thank you to photographers who gave their pictures of frogs and water lilies to me, so we could use them for kids as reference and motivation for painting and art work.

Here is list of photographers, who helped us, with links to their pages:

Tricia Winwood

tricia winwood2

Paula O’Sullivan

Paula O'Sulivan1

Sidona Dambrauskaite


Louise Williams Was Rogers

Louse Williams Was Rogers

Harry Lawson

Harry Lwson frog 2

Here are few more photographers who also gave us pictures. Not everyone has website or page that would like to promote. So, thank you all for the help.

Deniz Tezcan : 

Deniz Tezcan6

Kevin Collins:


Kim Cunningham:


Mick Clancy:

from mick clancy

I picked only one picture from each photographer and share it here with a name of photographer who gave it to us. You can see all the photos that we received in the album “Save the frogs!” on my Facebook page. Just click on the link here:

I will be still adding more pictures to the album as more photographers will get in contact with me. If you are a photographer or you just simply have pictures of frogs that you would like to share with us, do not hesitate to contact me.  You can see that the art contest has been running since 2009 so I believe that it will be here for us to participate next year as well. I started blogging in August 2015 and there was just a little time and I have done very little to support and promote SAVE THE FROGS! I am going to continue to promote this art competition and hopefully organize more amazing events for kids to learn about frogs, our nature and art. I would be happy to get any help with organizing these events, so if you would like to get involved, do not hesitate to contact me.

To all photographers:

Please keep sending me pictures of frogs. You can also add a little story where or how you took the picture for the kids, because they keep asking about that.  Next year I would like to make a little exhibition of the photos we got with names of the photographers, with links to their pages and maybe few words about each photographer and his picture. So if you are interested to participate, send me picture of frog and your email, so we can stay in touch and sort out good quality print for the exhibition.

See more information about how you can help, read the article about SAVE THE FROGS! on my blog:

And keep an eye on page Save the frogs on my blog here:

Get involved in something good. Help SAVE THE FROGS!

Thank you everyone for help with the pictures and for sharing this post to promote SAVE THE FROGS!



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