Amazing effect of water in photography

Do you like rain? People usually stay at home when it is raining, no one likes to get vet. Rain ruins your hair style, destroy you shoes and makes you all shivering and feeling cold. For a photographer rain is a blessing. Have a look how water drops can brighten up photos and bring amazing effect into your photography. I picked pictures for you from my collection of photographs, pictures where water created or added something beautiful to the images.

You can click on the photos and see each image enlarged or have a look at the links below. Here are some of my favorite articles with water element in my photographs:

Sunshine in a drop of water.

Gerina in water – little photoshoot

Photo with short story #day 10 – Beauty in ice (photoshoot with a frozen rose)

Photo with short story #day 1 My trip to Paris

Today’s post is a part of WordPress Daily Prompts: Water

Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know what you think in comments.



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15 Responses to Amazing effect of water in photography

  1. Fantastic collection.

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  2. Fabulous photos!.. I particularly love the photo of your dog, head in the water ..
    I love the rain…it’s amazing’s beauty…the rain on a cobweb (I did a painting of that once) the rain drop on a pink rose..the rain beating on the window at night when I’m tucked up in my warm bed …xx

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    • Thank you Joan 🙂 I have never taken a photo of cobweb. The water drops always looks like pearls on it. My brother used to have spider as pet and fed him with a fly one in a while. We were adoring the cobwebs that the spider makes on our shed. Maybe you have some on your art shed (outside, on the back or on the walls) It would make a wonderfull story. I will definitely have a look and try to take some pictures of a spider web with water drops. The rain turns many ogly things into beatiful creations.


  3. Louise says:

    These are beautiful!

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  4. Gwyneth says:

    There is something very special about your photographs Petra, a real depth, thank you for sharing.

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  5. theaustraliansojourner says:

    Great photos. 🙂

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  6. Nice pictures 🙂


  7. 2e0mca says:

    Rainy days are a photographers heaven 🙂 Nice shots!

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