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After a long break I started to paint again in March 2015. One of my favorite paintings is the “Horse” oil painting, original is in size 24×30 inches and it already found it’s happy owner. Prints on canvas and prints on fine art paper are available. Photo shows detail of painting before it was finished and below is small size sketch painting that I did before I started to work on the original. You can read more about this painting and see pictures and steps of work in progress in my album called “The journey of a painting”. Just click here :

20150730-WP_20150730_002               WP_20150712_001                                                                                                                                                  WP_20150607_015

The painting called “Flower” is one of my first acrylics that I pained in 2015. Original is currently on the wall in my bedroom. The painting called “Gerina” is my first oil painting. I actually started paint it with acrylics and finished it with oils. The original is appreciated and displayed in my friends house in UK.

WP_20150405_013            WP_20150421_007

The painting called “Kiaro and Cocco” is acrylics. Original was given as present for birthday to someone special to me. On the photo you can see framed copies.. I kept one framed copy for myself, as I would like to do with all my paintings. ( I guess I might stop doing that when I run out of walls to display all of them.)

WP_20150414_001    WP_20150425_007

The next painting is called “Water lily”, is an oil painting, work in progress, based on reference photo from Google images and it is not to be sold. I painted it as study for a part of big painting that I want do for charity called Save the frogs. But I would prefer to take my own picture of water lily for the painting, so it will have to wait until I find some lilies in bloom. “Sleeping Gerina” is my very first acrylics painting done in March 2015. This photo is work in progress and I actually like it more than the finished version. The original is in my son’s room and he really loves it.

WP_20150607_013         WP_20150329_002

My most recent oil painting is called “Fred catching Frisbee or is it sun?” It was inspired by photo from little photoshoot in Fairview park. You can see the photo , more pictures and read about the photoshoot in the article “Fred – little photoshoot in Fairview park ” here on this my blog in category “We love dogs” together with other articles about similar photoshoots that I have done for dog lovers.

And as bonus you can see one of my favourite charcoal sketches, which I did not draw from photo but I was just watching our dog sleeping and quickly drew what I saw.

20150805-IMG_1774-Edit       WP_20150328_032

If you would like me to paint something for you, don’t hesitate to contact me on my Facebook page

or on my Twitter

or write me email:

or simply leave comment here and let me know how I can contact you.



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  5. amazing portfolio! Thanks for Sharing!

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