Save the frogs

Welcome to my project “Help save the frogs”.


“Save the frogs” is an art competition for everyone who likes to paint, draw or design something. There is no age limit so we can engage our kids and all our friends.

The goal of the project “Help save the frogs” is to promote the art competition “Save the frogs” on social media, get more people participate in it, organize events especially for kids to get together and create paintings. We will organize meetups, where we will show children and friends how to paint, draw or create images of frogs,  provide pictures of frogs and information about them and how they are important for our nature. Artwork will be submitted to the art competition and money raised will be donated to the charity Save the frogs. You can submit your art work yourself by post or through us. If you wish to donate money as well, you can do that on one of our event or by using official website of the charity. All links are mentioned at the end of this article.

If you would like to get involved and work on the project together:

Step one:                                                                                                      Blue-Frog-Earth-Shirt-Front-Back-200px

Let me now by email or send message on my Facebook page:

Step two:

Think who would like to participate in the art competition. Think about someone who would like to get involved. It can be your kids, your friend’s kids, your friends, other artists, teachers that could involve and motivate the whole class. Bloggers who would like to promote the project or the competition. Photographers who can help us to get more photos that we can use for kids as reference for their paintings.

I will be writing posts about the events and little bit about each blogger or photographer that helped promote the project or the art competition. There will be lots of sharing on my social media with links to blogger’s and photographer’s websites, so it will also help to get more followers for everyone involved.

Step three:

Think how you would like to get involved; places where we could have meetings, places for little art classes, places where we can see frogs. Let me know about your ideas. There will be a trip to ZOO soon, so keep an eye on my blog and don’t miss any new posts.

Step four:

More information about the art competition.

Anyone can enter the competition and submit up to 3 pieces of art.  It is international art competition and there is a cash prize 100$ for winner plus other rewards.  Watch some of the artwork submitted in previous years here:

Read the contest rules on Save the frogs art competition website :

Save the frogs is non profit organization dedicated to amphibian conservation, who educate people around the world about protecting the nature. Save the frogs helped to ban harmful pesticides and to protect wetlands, restores habitat for endangered amphibians.

Why save the frogs?

“When we save the frogs, we’re protecting all our wildlife, all our ecosystems and all humans.” ( Dr. Kerry Kriger, Founder & Executive director of SAVE THE FROGS! )

Link for donations:

Thank you for reading my blog and let’s get involved in something good.

A special thank you to photographer Kevin Collins who gave us first photograph of 3 lovely frogs.




3 Responses to Save the frogs

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  2. I love frogs; I used to keep and train several, and learned an immense amount of things from and about them in the meantime. They are some of God’s most amazing creatures, and one of the last things you’d expect to be incredible!

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