Painting exercise – relaxing time – an apple quick oil painting

Artist should paint everyday, writer should work on his book everyday and blogger should create a post everyday. We all know this very wise tips, but it is not easy to follow it. Everyday exercising help us 20150821-WP_20150821_007improve our skills and be better at what we do, be better at what we love. The hard part is to find the time to do it. This week has been very busy for me. I had to sit 4 exams, so there was no much time left for me to paint. Today I have finally done little painting exercise. My goal was to quickly paint something by looking at the real object, not to use photograph as I usually do. I think every artist should pain an apple at least one time. If you went to any artist’s school, they probably put bunch of fruits in front of you and told you to draw it or paint it. I remember they gave us tennis ball and tin of beans. The tin had no picture on it, so there was no distraction. You can learn a lot by painting simple things. I  spent less then two hours on painting this apple. You can see on the photo that the proportions are not exactly the same as the real apple and I did not care too much to match the colors exactly.  I used only few colors:  First I started with Raw Umber, Titanium White and Cadmium Red, later I added Yellow Orche. At the very end I have done final touch with a little bit of Lemon Yellow, that you might not even notice. I am quite happy with the result and I definitely got more confidence that in the future I will be able to paint much faster. My goal is to do little painting everyday and also to do at least little writing on my blog everyday. I don’t expect from myself to achieve that routine quickly, but I will definitely keep trying and start with few days per week. I hope this will motivate you to create your routine too and to exercise your skills everyday too. Let me know what you would love to exercise everyday and we can support each other.

Have a look at my other paintings in the section “My paintings” and keep an eye at new posts, I hope I will do little painting exercise soon again and share it with you.



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