How to release stress, quick simple tip and Gerina jumping in the mood – mud

Are you sitting exams this week? Do you have busy life and no time to relax or enjoy your 20150819-IMG_2890-Edithobbies? Stress at work or at college can have quite impact on your health, especially when you do nothing about it. When I experience too much stress I often suffer with headache. This week I am sitting 4 exams, so I really needed something quick to relax. My dog Gerina came to rescue me. She gave me this doggie’s eyes that you can’t refuse. It was like she was saying : “Come on even if you have exams you have to walk with me.”  So I took the dog out for long walk and brought my camera to take some pictures on the way. It was raining all day and in the evening the sun just started to shining. I took deep breath with every each of my step. I enjoyed the atmosphere and lovely evening colors of the see water near Clontarf promenade. Gerina love swimming, but the water was nearly all gone, so she jumped into the mud and you can imagine what followed. I completely forgot about my exams and enjoyed taking pictures of my extremely happy dog, jumping in the mud. Walking is really good exercise and together with the fun me and my dog had, it really helped. When I came back home my headache was gone and I felt fresh and motivated to continue study. By reading this short story you can get the idea what the quick simple tip to release stress would be. To release stress, take a break and go for a long walk. Do you think that would be wasting of valuable time? Try it and you will see how fresh you will feel and how faster you will work or study after nice break like this. It is good to combine the long walk with something you love, for example chatting with a friend or in my case taking photographs and playing with my dog. I hope you enjoy this few pictures of Gerina as I do.

20150819-IMG_2879-Edit-Edit    20150819-IMG_2886


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