Painting exercise 2 – happy feet

20150822-WP_20150822_023 20150822-WP_20150822_026

Maybe you read my post yesterday and you know that I decided to do little painting exercise every day. I would like to learn how to be faster in painting, improve my skills and do not use photographs but look at real objects. So today I asked my son to be my model. It was quite funny situation. I had to move furniture in the sitting room and figure out comfortable position for my son with his feet somehow up that I can see them well. I spent only 40 minutes on the bigger foot and just few minutes on the small one. It is not perfect, but I really enjoyed it. After the painting I just took charcoal and did quick sketch of one foot. First I thought that I would not publish this pictures, its difficult to mach human skin color and my kids were laughing that I painted the foot dirty. But when I look at the pictures after few hours I found it somehow enjoyable. So here I am , sharing it with you. Let me know what you think. 🙂

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