Life drawing and painting

Life drawing has been on my wish list of things that I would like to do for long time. Have a look at few of my sketches and one quick painting.

20160218_221303 20160218_220456

20160219_104001 20160219_111858

I used different type of charcoal and some of the sketches took me just few minutes. My goal was to spend less than one hour to draw a picture of a beautiful woman. I have to say that the sketches helped me with my painting a lot. I usually spend at least 10 days on one paiting and this paintng below took me just few hours. The photos below capture the work in progress. Only few peopple are allowed to see the final painting, so I will have to leave the pretty face to your imagination.

If you would like to know about how and where I find my models for these scetches and paintings, keep eye on my posts. Maybe I will share few of my secrets with you soon. Some of my readers told me that I am teasing my readers and it takes me too long to write a post. Yes, thats just me. I am full time student and full time mum with a very busy life. Hopefuly when my exams are finished, I will have more time to paint, draw, write and share some amazing articles and photos whit you.

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You can read more about my quick painting excercises in category “Painting exercise” or just click here:

Let me know what you think in comments. I am looking forward to hear from you.



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