How can you Help SAVE THE FROGS – art competition, no age limit

SAVE THE FROGS! is an international art contest for everyone with no age limit, so it is Blue-Frog-Earth-Shirt-Front-Back-200pxperfect opportunity to get our kids and our friends involved in something good.

SAVE THE FROGS! is also world’s leading amphibian conservation organisation that educate everyone around the world, promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. You can read more about their environmental activities, educational events and volunteering on


  •  Photographers needed:  We need photos of frogs, water lilies or simply frogs in their natural habitats for kids as inspiration for their paintings for art competition. Let’s have a look how we can use your photos and also how I will promote your website or your business as photographer on my social media in return as a thank you for your help.

Where we will use the photos:

I organize art events in Dublin for kids, meet ups where they can learn a little bit about frogs and their importance in our nature and how to protect frogs and other animals. I would like to turn this meetups into little art lessons for the kids to teach them how to paint or draw frogs for the art competition.

How we will use the photos:


Photos of frogs will be printed on large size paper and placed on the walls for kids to see and use it for their paintings. You can keep your watermark on it and add link to your website and also write a little information about you as a photographer, and where you took the picture (where the frog lives). Its like a little exhibition of photos on each art event.

Some pictures may be used on social media or leaflets to promote the art events, always with your watermark and links to your website. (If you don’t have a website or business just with your name, or without it as you wish.)

In this article we have a special thank you to photographer Kim Cunningham for the beautiful photo of frog (above) and to photographer Sidona Dambrauskaite for wonderful image of water lily (bellow).

  • Little and big helpers needed: You can get involved in many ways. Help me organize the events, get your friends and your kids involved. Find teachers who would like to involve children in their school class. You can try to find a real frog, take a picture and send it to me. Believe me, it is not easy. Frogs are disappearing with decreasing quality of water and you will see that they need to be protected as well as our water supply in the nature.
  • Quick and easy help from you now: Share this article on your social media, tell others about it and about SAVE THE FROGS!

Thank you every one for help. If you send me some images that we need, you will see your pictures and I will be happy to share links to your websites in my future posts about about the meetups, related art events and posts about my project Help SAVE THE FROGS!

We have already received few pictures of frogs and lilies, mainly from people who do not have a website and we are very grateful for them. You can see all photos on my Facebook page in the album Help SAVE THE FROGS! Just click here:

Today I am sharing with you this beautiful photo of water lily from my friend and photographer Sidona Dambrauskaite.  Have a look at her amazing photographs of flowers, animals, nature and much more on her website:

sidon lily

Do not hesitate to send me any photo that you think we could use.

Have a look at some of the artwork submitted to the art contest in previous years:

Get involved in something good together with us and “Help SAVE THE FROGS!” Just contact me on Facebook or my social media and let me know what would you like to do with us.

Or simply submit your art work directly to SAVE THE FROGS!, read the rules and more information here:

Follow me on Twitter:

and on Instagram:




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