Morning adventures. Day 22 Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge

Last four days we did not have much luck in capturing sunrise photos but we still went to explore the morning beauty of our nature. Me and my son, have started to go for morning adventures together before school and now we are starting to develop very healthy habit of morning walks and exercising. Do you feel tired during your first hours at work or at school? Does your child have problems to concentrate the first hour at school? When I was kid the first few minutes at school felt like hell, I was tired and I still remember the sleepy feeling now.  Then I got a dog and problem was solved. Early morning walks with my dog helped me wake up properly long time before the first school bell ring. My son had problem at school too, he used to be tired and didn’t pay attention at school. Well, not anymore. We have very good feedback from his school. I think that morning adventures and time spent together with my kids before school is one of the best things that I can give to my kids. Try it! Discover all the benefits you can get when you participate in Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge. Feel the magic that happen at sunrise.

Photo of the day 22 of Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge was taken with my phone on Thursday 15.9.2016 at 6:30am in Fairview park.  (Time of sunrise was 6:59am, so what seems to be the sun rising at the back is actually street lamp or some light).


When you think that you saw everything at one specific location for sunrise pictures, the nature will surprise you. Today there was fog everywhere and the park looked like some scene from fairy tale.

When the sun is hiding we keep looking for interesting objects to photo and discover the morning beauty of our nature. Today my son found this amazing spider web.


Yesterday we got this lovely snail. The picture is a bit blurry, because the snail was moving too fast. 🙂


The following three pictures were taken at the same location in Clontarf on Tuesday 13.9.2016 at 6:47am, on Wednesday 14.9.2016 at 7:15am and on Thursday 15.9.2016 at 7:13am. It is the nearest point with sea view, just about 20 minutes walk from our house. It is perfect spot for watching sunrise, but last tree days there was either clouds of fog.



On Monday 12.9. we didn’t get up to watch sunrise. We slept nearly 12 hours. I took this photo on the way to school, so I can show you how people in the city see the late sunrise when the sun is just popping over buildings.


Today when we arrived home from our morning adventure I took this photo (below). The sun finally started to shine. It felt like the sun came out of nowhere and look at us.



Exercise of the day:

Apart from walking to Clontarf to watch sunrise and walking back, we have added new sport game to our morning adventures. When we are waiting for the sunrise we usually do some exercise. Now we have started running a little chase from one point to a set of chairs and back. Today we raced four times, it means we run four times the length. The way I move cannot be possibly called “running” yet but it feels good to move faster than walk. You can probably guess right that my son always win the race. Anyway its fun for both of us and I believe it will improve my health until I will be really running kilometres like before.  I am really happy that my son loves running with me. Hopefully we will do it regularly.

How are you doing with your health goals? Do you exercise daily? Add something healthy to your day! Join us.


It is never too late to join Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge! Have fun with the sun, discover the beauty of the nature and experience something new during your morning walks to capture sunrise.

The rules of the challenge are wide open, you can pick your own goals, do it in your own time and even focus on the health part and use old photos.

Have a look at the list of goals and more details about Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge in the introduction article.

Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge: Introduction

Link your blog post about your day 22 of the challenge to this article by commenting below and by adding link to my introduction article to your blog post. Help spread the word by sharing and tweeting. Have a look at my Twitter and Facebook pages, I am sharing all your contribution to the challenge.

Have a look at articles from people who joined us for 22nd day of the challenge:

( )

( When you will complete your day 22 of the challenge, I will add link to your 22nd day blog post here.)

I am looking forward to read your blog post and see your wonderful pictures.

Let me know what you think in comments.


P.S. Please join us in our new group on Facebook and have a look at latest sunrise photos, share your sunrise pictures with us and get support from members of the group. Together it is easier to achieve your health and sunrise goals.




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10 Responses to Morning adventures. Day 22 Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    I love that first foggy image with the bench. It does look like a fairytale…almost spooky also. Your son has a good eye and that is a magnificently made spiderweb. Sort of looks like a crystal ornament. Great to hear your son enjoying the early morning adventures. He sounds like he has a lot of energy once he manages to get out of bed. Hopefully more lovely sunsets for the two of you 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Rachel McKee says:

    The bench picture literally made me say, “wow”.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nezel Yurong says:

    I so love the photo of your foggy morning! Looks like the same photo in my header which I took from pixabay. So happy to know your son is already enjoying the morning walks with you. Such is magnificent bonding.

    Liked by 1 person

    • When did you see the photo on pixabay? Theoretically it could be the same photo. I didnt put my watermark on this photo and few others that I just took just with my phone. When there is photo online without watermark, anyone can use it or even sell it, because there are no copyrights attached. So when I publish my photo on my blog without my watermark on it, it is like a gift for my readers and I am aware that it can get lost in internet. Many people who are starting to do photography share their photos on social media without watermark. I suggest that every blogger and person who is on journey of becoming photographer put watermark with name or url address of their website on each photo. Sometimes even doing that is not enough to protect your photography work.


      • Nezel Yurong says:

        Had that photo a year ago when I started my blog. Other free photo websites encourage photo users to give attribution to the source. But with pixabay, no attribution is required. That is why most of the photos in my posts come from pixabay. But then, in the page, the source is attributed. I guess, you have to be a member of pixabay before you could upload your photos. I also do not put watermarks in my photos because one photographer said, it could distract the over all impact of the photo. But I also will try to experiment on that one.

        Liked by 1 person

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