Boy with his dog: Special request for sunrise photo for painting.

Today morning I had amazing photoshoot at Portmarnock beach with my kids and our family dog Gerina. My son requested a photo for painting that he want me to do for him. He was posing with his dog at sunrise on the beach and he told me exactly what he wants to have in the painting.


It is amazing image of a boy bonding with his dog. It look like they are both pointing at something. Boy says:”Look at the sun.” The dog says: “Look at the plane.”

I bet they are talking about something magical. What do you think?

When I had first quick look at photos from today’s morning photoshoot, I just felt in love with this photo. Well, I just have to take canvas, brushes, pick the colors and start to work on the painting soon.

There are many more images from today’s morning photoshoot that I have to edit and make ready for publishing. Come back later to look at more pictures and read all about our morning adventure. It was first time when me and my kids saw the sun popping up straight from the sea. It was epic sunrise!!

Have a look what motivates us to get up early and watch sunrise, click at the link below and discover the magic of morning walks.

Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge: Introduction

Feel free to join Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge anytime.

We now have new group on Facebook. Join the group and see amazing sunrise photos from people who participate in the challenge and from people who love taking pictures of sunrise.


I am looking forward to chat with you in our new Facebook group and read your comments below this article.

Have a beautiful day!


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P.S. Me and my son went through all the photos and this image below is the one he likes the most, so I am going to use this photo as reference for the painting:




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3 Responses to Boy with his dog: Special request for sunrise photo for painting.

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    This is incredibly beautiful. Wisk I could paint.

    Liked by 1 person

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