Civil Twilight and sunrise photoshoot in Dublin docks. Day 18 Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge

Sunrise photoshoot in Dublin docks was one of my best days of Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge. I had more than two hours overwhelming and amazing experience of watching sunrise and taking photos. The sky was changing colors every few minutes and the sunlight affected the colors of all the beautiful boats, water and clouds. Sometimes I think that God is having an art lesson and he is painting the sky, creating beautiful views for us to see and enjoy. My photographs from this day are very close to my heart and they are inspiration for my future paintings. I actually have enough material to print photo book of my sunrise photos. I am thinking about doing that some day in the future.

Photos of the day 18 of Caroline sunrise photo and health challenge were taken from 6:00am until 8:00am at Dublin docks on Saturday 27.8.2016

One of the photos that were taken exactly at the official time of sunrise 6:26am:



It takes about one hour to walk from my home to Dublin docks, so I started my way just few minutes after 5am. The official time of sunrise that day was 6:26am so I had plenty of time to get to the docklands early.

Civil Twilight

I always want to be at the location at least 30 minutes before the time of sunrise, because that is when all the magic is starting. It is called the Civil Twilight and believe me, you do not want to miss it. I organized photos in todays article by the time when I took them. I wrote notes for you about the time, so you can see how the sky and colors in the images were changing. Civil Twilight at the morning begins when the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon and ends at sunrise. For my location Civil Twilight was from 5:49am until 6:26am. You can google both times,time of sunrise and time of Civil Twilight for your location. It is different around the world and it changes during the year.

When I was on my way to Dublin docks, walking about 40 minutes, I saw that something beautiful was already happening on the sky. I started to panic and worried that I will be late. Luckily for me there was a taxi moving toward me on the road, so I waved my hand to stop the taxi. It took just few minutes of driving and I arrived at the location just around 6am.


First photo was taken at 6:05 am (during Civil Twilight)




Photos taken from 6:06am until 6:17am (It was still Civil Twilight):

Photos taken from 6:18am until 6:25 (during Civil Twilight, it was still before sunrise)

Photo taken at the time of sunrise 6:26:06:


Photo taken just over a minute after sunrise, exactly at 6:27:19:


Photos below were taken from 6:30am until 6:46am (after sunrise). I was hoping to see the sun rising from the sea, but there was a ferry that just arrived and moved exactly in the view where the sun was rising up.

Photos below were taken from 6:51am until 7:02am. We can finally see the sun.

Photos taken from 7:22am until 7:58am:

One of the last photos from location of photoshoot was taken at 7:24am. After that I walked behind the river and took many more pictures.


It was hard to choose photos from this day for my blog post about my day 18 of Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge. You will see many more photos from this sunrise photoshoot in different articles on my blog, I could not possibly share them all with you today. If you would like to see more now, have a look at article: Boats

It is never too late to join Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge! Have fun with the sun, discover the beauty of the nature and experience something new during your morning walks to capture sunrise.

The rules of the challenge are wide open, you can pick your own goals, do it in your own time and even focus on the health part and use old photos.

Have a look at the list of goals and more details about Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge in the introduction article.

Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge: Introduction

Link your blog post about your day 18 of the challenge to this article by commenting below and by adding link to my introduction article to your blog post. Help spread the word by sharing and tweeting. Have a look at my Twitter and Facebook pages, I am sharing all your contribution to the challenge.

Have a look at articles from people who joined us for 18th day of the challenge:

( When you will complete your day 18 of the challenge, I will add link to your 18th day blog post here.)

I am looking forward to read your blog post and see your wonderful pictures.

Let me know what you think in comments.



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4 Responses to Civil Twilight and sunrise photoshoot in Dublin docks. Day 18 Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge

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  2. Your photos are so perfect! I seem to be looking at a painting. I love the changing hues of the sky. Everything looks so tranquil. What a beautiful sight for meditation. You must be very fulfilled today. Your effort of waking up early paid off beautifully.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, there are many photos that inspire me for a painting. I really have to start painting soon. It was exciting morning photoshoot and it took me many days to get over myself and finally write article about it. Editing these photos took me ages because I couldnt stop looking at the pictures. Thank you for your kind words, your comments always brighten up my day. 🙂


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