Capture something flying

Maybe you saw my category chasing birds with camera on my blog. This time I have the goal to capture something even smaller than bird and it has to be flying. Have you ever try take picture of butterfly? You will end up chasing him with your camera and when you finally get him, you will jump with excitement and happiness. Yeah that’s me know, chasing flies and butterflies. When I was kid, I called this little flying creature “helicopter,” because I thought when it fly, it sounds like a helicopter.


This picture is actually cropped from much bigger image. I took the photo without looking through the lenses. I just run after the helicopter and pressed the button on my camera many times. Yeah, I got it! Lucky me!

When you manage to take picture of butterfly or something flying, let me know in comment and leave me a link to your article with the photo.

I am looking forward to hear from you in comments, see your photos and read your posts.

Today I am actually flying too. I am traveling back to Dublin from my holiday.

Let me know what you think, I will be back with you and blogging soon.


P.S. I am so happy that I am not alone. Someone else is chasing flying creatures! Have a look at these links:

( )

( )

When you write blog post about chasing something flying, let me know. I love linking other blogs into my blog posts and google likes it too, so let’s get on the first page in google search together!

P.S.: (4.8.2016)  I got a picture of butterfly! Yeah!


I will keep updating this post with new links to blog posts about chasing something flying, so let me know when you write something. Come back later to see more photos, when I will capture something flying I will add a photo here.





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2 Responses to Capture something flying

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Haha, that little guy as a helicopter. I like your imagination, and it was lucky that you managed to get a photo of him. I’ve tried taking photos of birds before and most of my photos come out blurry. They are always moving too fast for my liking and I am rather fumbly when it comes to adjusting the settings on my camera. But with practise and a bit of luck, you never know what images you will get 😀 Enjoy your trip. Travel safe and take care.


  2. Reblogged this on Petra Omoregie Caroline and commented:

    Chasing something flying has been updated! I got a butterfly. Come and joing me in chasing something flying!


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