Love locks and love clocks in Prague: Black and white phtography still has magic.

A love lock is a padlock which couples lock to a bridge, to symbolize their love. After the padlock is locked, the key is thrown away to symbolize their unbreakable love. One of the most popular place to do seal your love with love lock is Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris. On of the location for love locks in Prague is small footbridge near the John Lennon Wall and a street called “Grand Priory Square” (Velkopřevorské náměsti). My photos of love locks were taken below Charles bridge in place called Kampa.


There are many places in Prague where people try to put their love lock, some of them are treated by the authorities as litter or even vandalism due to the damage they can cause and the cost of removing them. I wish someone actually organize a place to put these love lockers so we keep lovers happy and we keep our historical aarchitectural treasures safe. There could be a statue made out of melted love locks. When the locks need to be removed, they would be melted and added to the statue. It would keep the lovers happy, because they will still be part of something big. If I was a rich artist I would buy a big land, build pond with bridges and keep creating the statue for lovers made out of love lockers.

I call The Prague Astronomical Clock the “love clock” because many couples travel to Prague to take their wedding photo in front of these clocks. When I visited Prague I saw four weddings having photoshoot in front of The Prague Astronomical Clock early in the morning so the sunrise will make a beautiful light on the bride’s dress. Have a look one of the most popular locations in Prague and few photos from sunrise wedding photoshoot here:

Many couples travel to get wedding photos in Prague: Slowly walking bride with sunrise reflecting on her dress.

Reflection of The Prague Astronomical Clock on the glass table:


The Prague Astronomical Clock:

Love locks below Charles bridge in place called Kampa:














This post about clocks and locks in Prague is inspired by Cee’s black and white weekly photo challenge. I have been on my holiday last two weeks, traveling a lot and doing some hiking with my kids so my time for blogging has been little bit reduced. I have missed the deadline for participating in Cee’s challenge with the theme “Clocks and locks”, but I enjoyed taking these photos and editing them a lot. Black and white photography still has the magic and I think its worth to try creating black and white images and sharing them with you. Today I am sharing the original color pictures together with the black and white images, so you can have a look which ones you like more.

Cee’s black and white weekly photo challenge inspires me to play with my photos.Its not only about black and white, you can highlight one color in little part of the photo. Have a look for more information about the challenge here:

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

First photo on the left is the original shot. In the middle photo I changed the background to black and white, it highlight the chosen colors. The photo on the right is all in black and white. Which one you like the most?


Let me know what you think in comments.


P.S. This post is a part of Daily WordPress Prompts: Clock

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4 Responses to Love locks and love clocks in Prague: Black and white phtography still has magic.

  1. I agree with you. Black and white photography still looks good.

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  2. I really enjoy your pictures. It brings back memories of when I was visiting Prague this past March. The city is beautiful and you have really captured this in your pictures. I also enjoy black and white photography. I feel it sometimes captures the moment better then color.

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    • Thank you 🙂 I am happy that you like black and white photography too. Long time ago, when I was child, my first photos were black and white and I developed them in the dark room myself so anytime I see b&w photos it brings out my childhood memories too.

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