Unexpected detail: My reflection in the eye of a horse

I don’t know how the horse did it. But he managed to take one pictures of me. Look at the reflection in his eye, yeah that’s me. Wonderful horse!


I have done few cropping, just to enjoy this photo in different ways.  Which one you like the most?



See the full article about this horse: Soft touch – relaxing time with a horse

This post is part of WordPress weekly photo challenges:

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I am looking forward to hear your thoughts in comments.



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9 Responses to Unexpected detail: My reflection in the eye of a horse

  1. An Outcast Wayfarer says:

    I love the first one!
    Great shot and I just love the majestic eye of a horse!

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  2. Anjali Soni says:

    Hey, there! I’ve nominated you for the Black Cat, Blue Sea Award. Check out my latest post for more information. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so excited Anjali, Thank you sooo much. I love awards, especialy when there is no time pressure. I bet I am going to enjoy this one, guessing by the title its going to be interesting… I am going to have a look what is the award about and see how I can manage to respond to it. Thank you 🙂

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  3. Emissary says:

    I like the first photo best.

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  5. I like the first one as well. Love how you were able to catch a selfie in the horses eye.

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