Day 3 Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge: Don’t let the bad weather to drive you crazy

Dont let the bad weather to drive you crazy. Try anther day of Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge. Do you wake up in the morning and the sun is nowhere to find? Is it raining outside and the colors on the sky are dark and sad? Yeah it is impossible to take a photo of a sunrise. I know the feeling. Last two days (Friday and Saturday) it was raining in the Czech republic and I couldn’t get any nice photo either. We can still do the health part of the challenge, no matter what weather is trying to do with our mood. I was quite lazy on Friday, recovering after all day of traveling, but Saturday I went for swimming and I enjoyed amazing water massage in jacuzzi. On Sunday morning I wake up at 4am, looked at the sky and it was dark and cloudy again. Oh no! Around 5am I looked again and there was little blue spot on the sky. WoW, I jumped out of the bed with excitement, dressed up and run outside up to the nearest hill to try to take some sunrise photo.

Day 3 : Photos taken on Sunday 17.07.2016 around 6am in small village called Lipova – lazne





Do not let the bad weather to stop you from trying the challenge. You can use and old picture or even illustrative photo from internet or from your friend. Just don’t forget to mention where the photo came from.

I will be asking professional photographers to give us tips how to take a beautiful photo of sunrise. I bet they have some secrets and ways of doing it, so hopefully we will get someone to share it with us. If you are a photographer you can write a post in this topic and link it to the challenge.

We will also get some tips for exercise and tips how the challenge can improve mental health. Keep an eye on new posts and have a look at articles of people who have started the challenge.

Caroline’s 30 days sunrise photo and health challenge: Introduction

I am tweeting and sharing all articles from bloggers that joined the challenge. Leave a link to your blog post about the challenge below the introduction article and read the introduction article (it’s updated) for more information about how you can join the challenge. When you complete day 3 of the challenge, leave a link to your blog post about your day 3 in comments below this article. Have a look at the links below and read about the experience people had on their day 3 of  the challenge:

( )

( )

I am looking forward to read all about your attempts in the challenge and see some beautiful morning and sunrise photos.


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11 Responses to Day 3 Caroline’s sunrise photo and health challenge: Don’t let the bad weather to drive you crazy

  1. This are very nice photos. I especially like the second one.
    Part of my husband’s family came from the Czech/Austria area, back when it was called Bohemia.
    Have a beautiful day!

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  2. harmoney says:

    Here’s day 3 – Hoping I’m in the right place!


    • wow, thats amazing. Yes this is the right place to link your day 3. I have to hurry to publish day 4 now, you are getting better and faster than me in the challenge 🙂 Well done. I was traveling, driving all day yesterday, but I am going to catch up, read and link all your articles now.


      • harmoney says:

        Your fault I’ve been getting up early 🙂 Seriously though there’s no rush I can’t believe I have been getting up so enthusiastically each day – it’s making me think how i can link it to my own blogging and purpose – thanks x

        Liked by 1 person

      • I am happy to hear that I have motivated you to get up early. Its very healthy thing to do, especially when you also go sleep early and sleep long enough. Our body is getting the best of the sleep before midnight so if you manage to move your sleeping habits and go to bed early, you will benefit from the challenge a lot. I will be writting about insomnial and sleeping habits sonn in the challenge. I have been getting up early nearly everyday thanks to the challenge and I am happy to have you here and participating because its very motivating for me too.


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  4. dishdessert says:

    Great pictures… I liked your blog, good article, I invite you to my blog:

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