Landscapes photos and my hike to Tonelagee

My second hike in Ireland was from Glenmacnass waterfall to Tonelagee. I wrote an article about first part of the hike, shared landscapes photos with you and wrote about everything up to the point where we took little lunch break and had picnic. Now you can see the beautiful view of heart-shaped lake that we had while we were eating and all the pictures I took on the way up to the top of Tonelagee and on the way back to Glenmacnass waterfall car park.

Photo of Lough Ouler:


In case you missed part one of this hike, here is a link for you: My second hike in Ireland: From Glenmacnass waterfall to Tonelagee

View of Tonelagee (the picture was taken just few hundred meters below the point where had our lunch break ):



Can you see the sheep in the picture on the left? I zoomed and cropped the photo for you so you can see that the sheep is really there. My camera is like binoculars. I can look through the lenses and see quite far.

After our lunch break we continued walking up to the top of Tonelagee.

When I finally arrived to the top of Tonelagee and performed some funny happy moves. Check out the video:    Victory dance on top of Irish mountain Tonelagee

Coming down from Tonelagee:

We wanted to walk down to the lake, but it was quite late so we decided to walk back to the car park using the same path.



View of the Glenmacnass river and walking down from the last short but steep hill:


I am very proud that I carried my back pack and camera all the way. It was first time that I brought my camera with me on a hike. Before I used only my phone during a hike to take pictures. Camera is quite heavy in comparison with my phone so I was really tired. When I arrived home and collected my son, I had to teach my son how to ride his bike. I could not resist his cute eyes and his requests to run after him and push him. We spent over two hours together and my son is finally riding a bike. Yeah!!! I never thought I will be able to do such sport after a long hike. (Well, it felt like long, difficult hike for me, but I belive it’s just very easy hike for many people). Mother’s love can make a magic and motivate us to more that we thought we can handle. I am finally recovering from a car accident, getting fit and more happy with the help of my friends and family. Soon I will be traveling to the czech republic to see my parents and hopefully do more amazing hikes and walks in the nature where I grew up. I am looking forward to share with you some photos from my holiday soon. If you would like to read about my holiday’s adventures keep and eye on the category “Hiking and travel.”

Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know what you think in comments.




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14 Responses to Landscapes photos and my hike to Tonelagee

  1. I think that on this day I was acting like a hare for Petra to chase as I always seem to bec100 metres in front of her!


  2. Maggie says:

    The landscape is so rocky and treeless, What a great hike, you can see for miles.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love that heart shaped lake!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. elainemitch says:

    Beautiful Love the Lake i would have stayed there for hours


  5. Qaiser says:

    This is beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nicky M says:

    Beautiful photos – I felt I was there with you. You must have felt wonderful after! I nominated you for an award today feel free to do as little or all of it. I enjoy reading your stuff 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my… I am so excited. You just made my day wonderful!!!! I love awards and this is beautiful surprise. Thank you so so so much. I have just read the award post and I feel honored. Thank you:-) My computer is broken and I am going to use only my phone for blogging for the next few days. I quess there is no time pressure in completing my award post so I am really going to enjoy it. Have a wonderful day:-) and thank you:-)


  7. Definitely gotta carry your camera and backback on a hike. Many thanx for sharing your photos and info. Can’t go wrong with nature. Peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It seems like normal thing to do to carry backpack, but I had car accident and I was not able to walk very far, either to carry anything heavy.I explained little bit about my recovery in article Little victories Shouting on top of Knocknagun. This was my second hike after the car accident and I am celebrating that I can carry the bag and camera now. I wasn’t able to do that for very long time due to my back injuries. Sometimes I forget that my new readers or visitors on my blog don’t know that. Thank you for your comment:-) it’s a good point.. Maybe I will add little explanation to the article:-)


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