Photo for my first seascape painting?

Three pictures from my walk on the beach in Bull Island to choose from for my first seascape painting. When I was taking these photos it was late evening and quite dark but I like the colors of the clouds, the sand and the boats. I feel like painting one or more of these pictures. I wish I had more free time. In few days I will be traveling to the Czech Republic to see my parents and I am thinking if I should take a small set of paintings and brushes with me. What do you think?




I will have some posts scheduled and I hope I will keep writing something interesting about places that I will visit. If you are going on holiday or for a little trip, I wish you good luck, safe trip and lots of wonderful moments to enjoy.

Let me know which picture you like the most or what do you think about them.

I am looking forward to hear about your plans for the summer and read your thoughts in the comments.



P.S. One of these three photographs is published (in black and white color) in my article In the Distance: Cee’s weekly Black&White photo challenge 

Can you guess which one of these three photos it is?


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6 Responses to Photo for my first seascape painting?

  1. Well done Petra nearly there !!!! Xx

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  2. Maria Silvo says:

    Hi, Caroline! I prefer the first one because of the contrast, play of light and shadow, or struggle between night and day. The focus also is on the boat. I hope I’m making sense. 🙂

    Have fun on your trip and stay safe and healthy.

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    • Yeah, thank you 🙂 Thats a good point. I was little worried that the colors are too dark and people might not like it, so I am happy to hear someone likes it. Thank you. Yeah, I hope to do lots of hiking on my trip and to get more fit.


  3. elainemitch says:

    My favourite is the top photograh I like the depth of the clouds and the subtle contrast with the sea. I would guess that the B&W would be second one as it is the brighter image but I want it to be the first one.

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