In the Distance: Cee’s weekly Black&White photo challenge

Waiting for someone who is very faraway. Looking at the boats coming from the distance, bringing people back home. Is he coming back? Come back daddy…


Black and white photos still have the magic of capturing a moment, feelings and special atmosphere. All pictures were taken yesterday late in the evening in Bull Island.




Today’s photos are inspired by Cee’s black and white weekly photo challenge theme “In the distance.”

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: In the Distance

When I was editing these pictures I dropped a tear. I wish that every children have a father who never forget to come back and visit his child. Don’t just give a false promise.

Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know what you think in comment.



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15 Responses to In the Distance: Cee’s weekly Black&White photo challenge

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Love your take on this set of photos. Children, an all of us, deserve a figure who will be there for us and love us unconditionally. Sadly, some of us can just hope…and in turn we become strong.

    I prefer colour images over BW photos. But I really like what you have done here. As you mentioned, BW can bring out more emotions than we think 🙂

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  2. They are very atmospheric and I like them in black and white, thank you for sharing :o)

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  3. elainemitch says:

    Beautiful B&W imagery is my favourite.

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  4. Cee Neuner says:

    I really enjoyed looking through your photos for this week’s in the distance challenge. Thanks for playing.

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    • Thank you Cee 🙂 First time I didnot go through pictures that I already have but I actually went for a walk and took pictures for the challenge. You motivate me to go out and enjoy photography. Its amazing 🙂


  5. Laurie says:

    I was given false hope too. We grow stronger. You are a good, loving mom ♥ Lovely art work.

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  8. Tom Donovan says:

    Hey Caroline – always preferred B&W photography. Nice tones – Tom


  9. Lovely clicks! b&w looks great.

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  10. Nice clicks. b&w looks great and words really makes sense!

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