Aimless: Feel the freedom or take control by planning?

Can you see a path on this photo, a clear way or direction where to go?


Have you ever tried

aimless wandering through a forest

without any clear intentions, purpose, or direction

feel the freedom

no responsibilities, no stress, no career or goals to achieve?

Imagine that two people meet, man and a women, two people who are completely different. A man who likes to have everything planned and under control. A woman who likes to wake up in the morning and do whatever she feels to do at the moment. Can they live together?

Can you have a career, achieve your goals, get your dreams and be aimless at the same time?

We all were kids once, we all experienced the feeling of freedom and aimless moments in our life.

You can have it both. Plan well, take a control of your life, achieve your goals, go for your dreams and once in a while just let it go for one day.

Do not plan what you will do this Saturday. (Actually do plan to move all responsibilities away from that day. Arrange babysitting and you know… take a completely one day off.)

Wake up in the morning, feel the freedom, be a child again.

I am here to hear and read your thoughts on “Aimless” in comments.

Let me know what you think.



P.S. This post is part of Daily Prompts on WordPress. Today word  is “Aimless”.  It inspires many blogger to create a photo, painting, drawing, video, poem or story. It is a good writing and creative exercise. Have a look at the link:


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2 Responses to Aimless: Feel the freedom or take control by planning?

  1. I keep trying to plan but end up more times like a child in the forest
    I suppose I shouldn’t feel guilty and just enjoy it 🙂

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    • Yeah, I know the feeling…I think that people miss the freedom, miss the play time and work too hard, that’s when the writer’s block usually comes. Don’t be guilty, you can plan a break from your creative work. I think we artists can have a version of writer’s block too, so its better to prevent that by having one aimless day in a while…


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