Open mounth, tongue out and wiggling butt – Behind the scenes of Little photoshoot in Fairview park

We don’t say “cheese”. We say “Sausage”. Free photoshoots for your dogs are done in Fairview park  when me and my dog Gerina meet you accidentally or during organized events. Today’s pictures will tell you a little photo story about the latest photoshoot event. Just by looking at these photographs you will see few tricks how we got the doggies to cooperate and pose for the camera, how they socialized and you may even spot few editing secrets how the pictures are adjusted to be perfect for publishing. Each dog has the best pictures published in separate article (see the links below) so the owner and their friends can enjoy the digital photos online.I am learning how not to be obsessed with a perfection so today I publish pictures that are not perfectly sharp or don’t have a perfect composition. These pictures are here for you, just to have a fun and simply enjoy the moments from our last little photoshoot.



I am still doing all of this for free, so if you are thinking about joining us for photoshoot, this article is specially for you. Put the kettle on, get few biscuits or some healthy snack and read all the details about the hard work and exciting fun we had, so you will know what to expect when you will arrive with your doggie.

The story begins at the meeting point in Fairview park. We were waiting there for 20 minutes, because some people knew about the photoshoot from my Facebook page and from my blog post: Dog walk, socializing, free photoshoot event 17.4.2016

Gerina was looking around like she was waiting for all the amazing dogs to come. Maybe she could sense who is coming and what is going to happen, but I had no idea how many people will really come. When you look at the numbers of people who say on Facebook that they will come to an event, do not think that all of them will come and you stay home because you think that there is going to be too many people and too many dogs. The goal of little photoshoot is to take nice pictures of your doggie, so your dog will be a start, posing for camera separately while other dogs are playing and socializing. There is an opportunity to play , socialize and there is time to take pictures, one dog at time (or one pack at time in case you have more than one dog)

Nobody came in time to the meeting point so I took some pictures of Gerina, set my camera to the settings best for the nice sunny day and for fast running doggies. Gerina had some fun on her own, fetching a ball and running around like crazy. Then we moved to the pedestrian bridge, hoping that people will find us. I was asking people who were walking with their dogs in the park, if they are coming for the photoshoot. Two people came with their dogs because they saw the event on social media, the rest of the people and dogs just saw us joined us.

  1. Arriving to a photoshoot with your dog

There are many dogs running of lead in Fairview park. When you are approaching us, it is good to have your dog on the lead for many reasons. First of all letting your dog to join the others without introduction may cause problems between the dogs. Even if your doggie has never had problem with other dogs, you need to discuss few things with the owner of the dog you are approaching. When you see that I am already taking pictures of some dog, let me know that you are there for the photoshot and wait in some distance for me to talk to you. You can play with your dog in distance, talk to other owners and maybe let your doggie to socialize and play with other dogs (in little distance from the photoshoot). Socializing your dog is a topic for a long discussion, so I will write more about that in another article soon.

Jade is first dog that joined us for photoshoot. Her owner told me that she is very good with other dogs and also with kids. Jade kept coming near me, she liked to be touch, so I pet her. I am like a magnet for some doggies, they just keep coming to me and it is hard to keep them in the right distance to take a picture. Here is one of my secret. I have two little helpers. My younger son helped me to get Jade in distance from me. Kids and dogs is another topic for an article. I just have to say that my kids are experienced, educated and trained about how to approach a dog. Child should not approach any dog without talking to the owner first. You can see from one of the pictures below how I took the photo of Jade and how I cropped it to get the perfect image. Jade didn’t need any sausage. Daniel just pet her long enough for me to walk away and find a place for a perfect shot, then he moved few steps to get away from the shot. It sounds easy, but you should see how many humans legs I have in pictures from photoshoots. Jade has her best pictures published here: Jade – little photoshoot in Fairview park


   2. Feeding dogs during photoshoot.

It is always good to talk to the owner before you give a treat to his dog. The dog may jump on you, snap too fast, mistakenly bite your finger. Your dog may become jealous that you feed someone else and charge at the dog you are feeding. Some dogs are on a special diet and feeding them could make them sick. Food dropped on the grass may cause some dogs to fight for it.

All sausages were discussed first during our little photoshoot before given to the doggies.

Second dog that we met was Mika. She was all the time on a lead, little treat helped her to look at me and pose for the camera. Read more about Mika here:  Mika – Little photoshoot in Fairview park

Third dog that we met was Ben. He is amazing dog, very friendly and well-behaved. We had him on the lead and with muzzle for a long time before the owner let him run free. Ben played with Gerina and they run around together a lot. Link to Ben’s photos and article: Ben brown pitbull – little photoshoot in Fairview park


Gerina doesn’t like when other dogs jump on her so she did some barking and angry noises:


3. Editing photos and human legs everywhere

Sometimes it is easy to crop the photo, especially when the human is standing far enough from the dog. (Original shot on the left, cropped image on the right)

Sometimes it is not possible to crop the photo without some part of the owners leg in it, so I use Photoshop. It takes time to delete all the unwanted parts from all the pictures and add background that fit. The best thing that saves lots of time on editing is to remember to stay in little distance from the dog, step few feet away and have the time to let me take many photos in the field during photoshoot.

The original shot, cropped photo with a foot still in it and final image edited in Photoshop:



Can you see the foot in the left photo? Is it good to try for a perfection?


This lovely pack of five little doggies did not have separate article with their pictures, probably because I thought that the photos are not good enough/sharp enough to be published. I decided to be a little bit less obsessed with perfection and share these pictures with you.


4. Little tricks that works, how to get the perfect image

Smell the sausage, follow the sausage, the owner call the doggie, dog runs to the cameraman (camerawomen) , many shots are taken in just few seconds.

I chose one, the perfect one or at least the most sharp and interesting image out of many shots that I took at this moment.

The result, the final image:


The best photos of this little dog are here:Small family doggie having fun during photoshoot event in Fairview park

Sometimes it is just: smell a sausage and run…


…sometimes it is lots of fun…

For some doggies a different technique works: Pointing a finger at them and saying: “Shoot” or “Poof” :


Lots of legs everywhere and someone stole the ball!

The best reward and motivation for some doggies is just to throw the ball:

This beautiful westie Heather is the last doggie that we met. I had to put Gerina on the lead, because Gerina was not very gentle and the doggie was a bit scared. Gerina and my kids had a picnic and cuddles, watching me from distance taking pictures of Heather.

Westie Heather- Little photoshoot in Fairview park

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P.S. This post is also published as part od Daily Prompts with the theme: Perfection

I actually started to write the post two days ago when the theme was “Open” and I created the title of this article inspired a little bit with that theme. Well, the idea was to point that: During our little photoshoot you can have your mouth “open” and your tongue out, you will still look perfect. 🙂 For today, I have to stop obsessing with “perfection” and publish this article right now…. Maybe I will rewrite it later, you can come back and have a look again later. Have a look at the link above so you can see what the challenge Daily Prompts is all about.

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