The natural need to fetch and what my dog did when there was no stick.

The natural love of a dog to all of the members of its pack is amazing. I dont know why but every dog seems to have a natural need to fetch. Our dog Gerina would do anything for me and my kids, even if it seems to be an impossible task. We were in the park and I asked her to find a stick. Guess what.. There wasn’t any stick as far as I could see, but Gerina got an excellent idea:



Hello dog lovers, welcome to my blog. Did you like the video?

I have two categories on my blog specially written for you.

First category is called “Little photoshoots in Fairview park with dogs” and when you read the title you probably know what the category is about. My photoshoots are free and each dog that I met has his pictures published in an article in this category on my blog. One of the most popular article is Puppy – little photoshoots in Farview park

Have a look how you can join us for a little photoshoot: Very Little photoshoot in Fairview park this time and how your dog can participate

Second category that you may find interesting is “We love dogs”. So far I wrote few articles about socializing event that I organized and about my paintings of dogs. In the future you will find more articles in this category with tips about training, socializing and everything related to our beloved doggies.

Best friends – oil painting inspired by friendship between a child and a labrador

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I am looking forward to hearing from you.



P.S.Today post is part of Daily Prompts with theme ” Natural”. If you would like to participate have a look at this link:





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3 Responses to The natural need to fetch and what my dog did when there was no stick.

  1. theaustraliansojourner says:

    What a great dog. Interesting read ☺

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