Unexpected visitor and a struggle to find the way home

Last night an unexpected visitor came to our house. Do you wonder how he got inside the sitting room? It was a very hot sunny day (very unusual for Ireland) and we left the door to our backyard open all day to feel the fresh air.


I usually struggle when the doorbell rings and I get an unexpected visitor. All my friends know that I hate unexpected visitors and everyone always calls before coming to my house. This time it was very different. When I noticed him in the middle of the room, I stared at him with my mouth open and I instantly got the idea to take some pictures of him. It was a good distraction from my studying and a refreshing break. As a good host I offered a little snack to my visitor. Have a look what he did with it:

Do you think snails like strawberries? I always thought they do. We always try to keep them away from our strawberries and gently move them out of our garden.

Well, my visitor did not like the snack but he quickly found a friend:

Please do not go home yet:


Bye, bye, I hope you will come back again.


Our little visitor said his goodbyes to his new friend and he came to say hello to me. He was struggling to find his way home so he asked me for help.


I took him into my hands gently and put him in our backyard near our strawberries. Suddenly I found that I did not mind if he ate all our strawberries.

I hope he found his way home.

From my post today you can see what my struggles are about. Yeah I do not like unexpected visitors, probably because I always think that my house is not clean enough or because I have to focus on my study and do not want to be disturbed. This little visitor reminded me that we can overcome our struggles and our fears. He was not afraid of me at all and I have to reveal to you that he actually climbed over that strawberry seven times for me. Yeah, I took that video with him seven times. It was the first video ever that I recorded purposely for publishing on my blog. I did struggle to talk or even say a word that makes sense as commentary on my video clip.

I have been learning about blogging with Sarah Arrow and her 30 day blogging challenge: http://www.sarkemedia.com/blogging-challenges-traffic/

Part of this challenge was making a video. I was struggling for a long time and I did not want to even try to make a video. Then I saw the very first video that my online friend Joan Wallington made as part of this challenge and it motivated me to give it a try. Joan is a talented artist who has just started blogging and I love to watch her journey to becoming an artist. Look at her first video and her website: http://joankennedyartist.co.uk/creative-staffordshire-business/ Joan is also writing and illustrating a children’s book which inspired me to create my little photo story about my visitor. Once in a while my kids read my blog and they love my little photo story. I think it is a good start on my journey in becoming an artist and a writer.

I have discovered a nice event on WordPress which is very good and inspirational for writers called “Daily Prompts.” Today’s topic is “Struggle” which inspired me to add a few thoughts to today’s article. If you would like to participate have a look at this link: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/struggle/

Daily Prompts will inspire your writing, get traffic to your blog and you will discover many interesting bloggers who have similar interests to you.

Thank you for reading my blog. Do not forget to celebrate the little victories in your life especially when you struggle with something and win the battle.

Here is link to one of my little victory:


I am looking forward to hearing from you in the comments. Please do comment and share my articles, let me know about your blog.






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9 Responses to Unexpected visitor and a struggle to find the way home

  1. Terry says:

    Love this, Caroline. It made me smile for the first time since we got the bad news about Orlando Sunday morning.

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  2. Jenny Marie says:

    What a sweet blog about this little snail and the compassion shown by a human with a big heart

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really sweet Petra, and I am so pleased I inspired you to do a video….next time can we see your pretty face in front of the camera instead of behind it?

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  4. theaustraliansojourner says:

    Very nice. People often do not realize but snails eat decaying vegetables and things that are in the garden that are decaying not fresh things. They will only eat fresh things if they are desperate and haven’t eaten for a very long time and then even then… I love snails myself, and am glad to see someone else does too. People often blame them for eating the vegetables in their garden but it is the slugs that eat fresh food and snails clean up your garden. Slugs eat fresh food and snails. Snails do not eat slugs (or fresh food unless desperate) . hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Wow, I didn not know that. It was surprising discovery for me that the snail did not eat the strawberry. We are often misled about animals and their habits. We were drawing a hedgehog carrying an apple on his back at school as kids and for a long time I trully believed that is what they do. I am going to spred the word so all children know more about snails and they will see the true face of nature. Thank you for your comment and your insight ๐Ÿ™‚ It is very interesting and important information for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • theaustraliansojourner says:

        Great. I’m glad. Thanks. I think garden snails are often killed because people don’t know and have bad information. There are a few very unusual huge snails not garden ones that have been known to eat slugs but this is an unusual variety of snail. Snails just eat decaying leaves and vegetables and fruit as I said before not fresh but because slugs do they are thought to be the same.
        Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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