Chasing birds with camera part 5 – Wise and soft

Imagine a photographer chasing birds with a camera, trying to nearly fly with them to get close. Yeah that is me. I am looking for places where I can watch birds, places where I can get near the bird and take a nice picture just with my basic lenses. This time I could get very close. I could touch a bird with my hand, pet him and adore him for however long I wanted. The bird didn’t fly away. Yeaaay !


This owl is used to people and I believe that she even likes being touched. You can find her in the entrance to the Bird of Prey centre at Russborough House. I travel to Russborough House quite often because I am a part of Cruthu, a group of artists who exhibit there. I mentioned Russborough House and my first exhibition in my article Art exhibition in Russborough house – my art work is displayed


Russborough House is an amazing place to visit with children. You can find many different types of activities there and interesting places to visit for all the members of your family. One of them is the recently opened Bird of Prey centre. There is an entrance fee of six euro but you can see this owl at the entrance before you pay. So even if you don’t want to enter and see the whole centre, don’t miss meeting this wonderful bird.

Have a look how cute and peaceful she is:

When you enter the Bird of Prey centre you will see many more birds. Some of them were posing for my camera out of their cages and I could get very close to them. I got a perfect opportunity to take a nice shot of a bird without the cage wall in view. I will be sharing these photographs with you soon in the category “Chasing birds with camera.”

Have a look at one of the most popular articles published in the category “Chasing birds with camera”:

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7 Responses to Chasing birds with camera part 5 – Wise and soft

  1. maria9saif says:

    what a gorgeous creature ❤

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  2. Maggie says:

    Beautiful photos of a wonderful bird… Owls are driving me crazy because I want to photograph them but of course, they are hard to find in nature and nearly impossible during the day.. I need to go to the wildlife centre soon.


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  4. Ollie says:

    Hi Caroline. I would just like to mention the birds at the National Bird of Prey Centre live in spacious aviaries rather than cages as mentioned…as does Beibhinn, the barn owl in your pics. 😊 As a tame owl she enjoys some time with humans but is rotated with some of our other friendly owls from time to time in the reception/shop… Just in case your readers’ misunderstood! Thank you for the positive article…we endeavour to share our love and passion for raptors and their conservation in Ireland and abroad. Wishing you every success on your quest for producing more beautiful images, ATB

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comment. I am happy that you found my article about the birds. Sometimes my English may not be exact so I am glad that you added this valuable information for my readers. Its amazing how you take care of the birds. I also like how the birds are trained in your centre and I am looking forward to see some show. I have more photos that will be published soon in the category Chasing birds with camera so I would love to learn more about each bird and write about it. I hope more people will come to see all the birds and learn how to protect them.


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