Hiker’s coffee break

Do you carry the heavy stone of responsibility and goals that have to be achieved? Take a break in your hiking, stop climbing up to the mountain of your goals and take a deep breath. Enjoy a cup of coffee and little bit of reading, enjoy yourself and give your body a well deserved rest. You will be much more powerful and faster after your little hiker’s coffee break.


My friend once told me: “Relax and read your own blog”. I have to say that I often take his advice. I look at all the posts that I have published, all the photos that I have taken and all paintings that I have created and it feels good. We often forget about the good things that happened in our life and we get lost in negative thoughts. My friend is right about his advice to me. I have to remind myself of the good and beautiful things that I have done and a very good way of doing that is by reading my own blog. Try it! Go back and read some of your old posts or just simply create a list of little achievements that you have done. It will motivate you and you will feel good. We all need a good hiker’s coffee break.

I have done lots of reading this week and I discovered many amazing blogs. I would like to share two blog post with you that remind me of my friend’s advice which I mentioned above. Amanda who wrote these two articles below gives me inspiration and motivation to be a writer. Reading her blog is very refreshing.

First article: http://amandajevans.com/take-the-time-to-celebrate-your-accomplishments/

Second link: http://amandajevans.com/how-to-deal-with-criticism/

I hope you will find these two articles helpful and motivating you too. 🙂

Have a look at my category “Little victories” where I write about my small but exciting achievements. One of my favorites is Little victories – shouting on top of Irish mountain Knocknagun

Thank you for reading my blog. Please let me know what you like about it and what I could improve. I would appreciate your feedback.




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6 Responses to Hiker’s coffee break

  1. Anjali Soni says:

    Motivational. True, we often get so much invoked by the drive to achieve that we somehow forget to dwell upon how much we have already done. The little break, the refreshment and a small celebration is as important as the hard work we do. It was nice to read your article. Keep writing! Don’t forget to keep smiling!

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  2. Amanda Evans says:

    Thanks so much for including my blog posts Petra. I am humbled that you found my words inspirational. I love reading your blog too and looking at the amazing pictures you take.

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  3. Reblogged this on supersullivan and the Camino and commented:
    Petra puts very well the importance of not focusing all your time on the trials and tribulations which are a part of living and instead to make time to reflect on your achievements and successes both large and small.

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  4. So true …definitely worth thinking about and stopping to enjoy the view of success however small the steps are
    Thanks for the reminder

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