Jade – little photoshoot in Fairview park

Jade is one of the dogs that joined us for little photoshoot in Fairview park during the event called: “Dog walk, socializing, free photoshoot event 17.4.2016” Me and my kids only spent few minutes with her and that’s all we needed to fall in love with her. Jade is very gentle and friendly doggie. She was walking slowly and enjoying every little attention from me and my kids.


My favorite picture of Jade:



There were some sausages involved to motivate some of the dogs to pose for the camera, but Jade did not need any. When my son called her, she just came and let him to pet her.




Always ask the owner first before your child approach any dog in the park. My kids are well-informed and have experience with dogs during my photoshoots. It is important to let the dog to approach you first. I think this is interesting topic and I would like to write about it some day in the future in article called “Behind the scenes of my little photoshoots.”

There were many dogs that joined us in this photoshoot event. Click on the links below and have a look at each dog or read the first article with moments from this event:

Moments from photoshoot event in Fairview park

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Ben brown pitbull – little photoshoot in Fairview park


There are still more doggies from this event waiting to have their pictures published. When I finish writing about this photoshoot I will organize similar event again. Let me know if you would like to join us in Fairview park.

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