Frog – secret revealed about my first Irish frog

Why am I so crazy about frogs? Read this little story about the one and only one frog that I have seen in Ireland and captured with my camera. You will discover why I am so excited about frogs and maybe you would like to help me with the event “Save the frogs!”


“Save the frogs!” is not just a phrase. You would be surprised what is behind this little sentence. I will give you a few little clues:

  • an art competition for everyone around the word with no age limit.
  • environmental charity that helps save not only frogs but also our environment.
  • educating children around the world about nature and about protecting the environment.
  • artists, photographers and my friends are getting involved and having lots of fun.

Explore more about the meaning, get involved, read about “Save the frogs!” on my blog or have a look at Save the frogs! official website:


How my story started:

Last year I discovered an interesting art competition on the internet. I decided that it is time to get involved in something meaningful. In order to participate in this art contest I needed pictures of frogs. I didn’t want to break any copyright rules by using someones photos from internet, so I asked my friends and photographers on social media to send me photos of frogs with permission to use them as reference for my paintings.  I help kids to participate in the art contest, so I need pictures of frogs for them as well. You can read how photographers helped us and see their photos here:

At that time I was only dreaming about taking my own pictures of a frog. I was looking for frogs everywhere and I could not find any. As a child I saw many frogs everywhere around me. In the little village where I lived (in the Czech republic) we have a little lake full of frogs and you can also find lots of frogs in the forest. I was really surprised that I could not find any frogs anywhere near the place where I live in Dublin. Well, Dublin is a big city, I live in an apartment and we don’t have a garden. The grass in the parks around us is cut short which I learned is not good for frogs. There are many reasons why frogs are difficult to find in Ireland. I am learning about it and sharing my knowledge with the children that are getting involved in the art contest with me this year.

I have been living in Ireland nearly eight years. It is sad to say that I haven’t had much time to explore the real wild nature of Ireland. I was too busy that I forgot about mountains and nature. I also did not know where to go and how to get there. I was missing a good Irish friend who would show me the secrets and beauty of Irish wild life. Well, now I have someone, an experienced hiker, enthusiastic and patient trainer (who is helping me to get fit again) and amazing guide who took me on my first hike in the Irish mountains.  On this, my very first hike,  I saw my first sign of frogs, some frogs eggs enclosed in an envelope of jelly in water. It was on the way from Knocknagun to Prince William’s Seat.

On the first photo you can see the mountain called Prince William’s Seat and the water habitat where I found my first frog eggs. The second and third picture is the same pond at different angles.

I wrote one short article about my first hike and I intend to write more. Click here to have a look or keep an eye on category “Little victories”:

All the way on my first hike I was looking for frogs. What do you think I was doing on my second hike? Yeah, I was looking in every little place with water that I came across and found nothing. It was not my searching skills that helped me find my first frog in Ireland.

I am not sure if you should continue reading…


Common Frog (Rana temporaria)




Now I am not dreaming, you just saw the first few pictures of a frog that I took myself in Ireland.

It was not my searching skills that helped me find this frog. I got some help from the heavens. I got a lightning strike of needing urgently to go to the toilet so I ran off the path I was meant to follow. There he was, a beautiful little frog jumping nowhere near any water. It has been nearly one year since I started to dream about taking pictures of a frog. Two amazing hikes in the Irish mountains and my dream came true. Thanks to my friend for help and thank God for the “lightning strike” 🙂

I hope the full stories about my first and second hikes with many landscapes photographs will be published on my blog one day. Click here to read a bit about my second hike:

I am so excited that I got my first picture of an Irish frog and that I can use it for my paintings for this year’s art competition “Save the frogs!” I will also have it printed together with pictures from other photographers that contributed. Now children can also use my photos in art lessons related to this year’s art contest. Yeah. 🙂

“There are three species of amphibian found in Ireland – the Natterjack Toad (Epidalea calamita), the Smooth Newt (Triturus vulgaris) and the Common Frog (Rana temporaria). ”

I have found a Common Frog and now I am dreaming about finding the other two amphibians in Ireland. It is not going to be an easy task.

What can you do to Help Irish Frogs ?

(cited from website:  )

  1. Make a garden pond to encourage frogs to breed.
  2. Frogs spend most of their lives on land so give them long grass, leaf and log piles, trees and shrubs in your garden to feed and hibernate under.
  3. Pass on your knowledge of frogs to others.
  4. Do not keep endangered frog species as pets and never release a pet frog into the wild.
  5. Organise a clean up of rubbish from local ponds and streams.
  6. Take part in the Hop To It Irish Frog Survey and help us learn more about the status of frogs in Ireland. You can fill in a survey form on-line from here.

I have to admit that I hate filling in forms but I am definitely going to participate in this survey. The easiest way for you to participate and help Save the frogs! is to share my articles related to this topic. Help to spread the word.

Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know what do you think in comments.

Get involved in something good. Help Save the frogs!




Two more links to information about toad and newt in Ireland:

Endangered natterjack toad makes an Irish comeback

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8 Responses to Frog – secret revealed about my first Irish frog

  1. belinda342 says:

    Every summer, we seem to have a litter (not sure what to call a batch of baby frogs) of baby frogs in my yard. I live In Indiana, right in the middle of the USA. The thing is, I see frogs all the time, but I bet if I went out with a camera, there wouldn’t be a frog anywhere around. I’m really glad you found yours!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Alexian says:

    I saw my first newt this year just west of Three lakes, Co. Wicklow, while hiking with the Irish Ramblers.


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  5. theaustraliansojourner says:

    An interesting read. Great photos and good tips on how to help frogs. Very enjoyable and helpful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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