“FOR YOU” Oil painting inspired by photo and friendship

As artist I am very proud that I use my own photographs for my paintings. See how this painting comes to life and read about my photo shoots with this rose.  I chose the name “For you ” for this painting as a symbol of something given from my heart… a present for one of my best friend.


When I do painting I always like to take few pictures of work in progress and share them with you so you can see how my painting comes to life:

You can see the photo of rose that inspired me for this painting bellow. I did not copy the photo exactly, that was not my intention. When I was painting I hold the brush with my hand and use my left hand as model, holding it in similar angle as on the photo. The light wasn’t exactly same so I had to guess a bit, but I think it came out quite nice. The orange color was making me feel really relaxed when I was painting it. I felt in love with that color. I hope it will bring some sunshine to my friend’s house and to her heart.


Link to article with short story about this photo:


Last year I enjoyed photo shoot with this rose. You can read few articles about it on my blog and see many pictures of rose in my hand, sprayed with water and frozen inside ice.

Article about photo shoot with frozen rose is called “Beauty in ice.” To read it and see the photos just click here:


Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know what do you think in comments.





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