Victory dance on top of Irish mountain Tonelagee

My second hike in Ireland, my second attempt to climb to the top of a mountain after my car accident, working hard on my physical recovery and bringing happy moments and little victories to my life. Dont miss the video at the end of this article with my victory dance and with my funny victory noises of happiness.


Yeaaahh. I did it!

dancing 2

Don’t forget to have a look at my first victory on the top of Knocknagun. I explained there a bit about the car accident I had and wrote a little bit about my road to recovery. To read about it just click here:



Dancing on the way up or at least it looks like I am …yeah I am looking a bit Irish.

irish dancing me

The beautiful view of Lough Ouler looking at the heart shaped lake and feeling the happiness in my heart. My favorite saying that day was: “I nearly choked my soul out of me.”

(I know it’s propably not correct English but I just like the sound of it. In Czech language we have similar saying “skoro jsem vypustila duši”  which means something like ” I nearly let my soul go/ I nearly died” )

I stopped many times to take pictures which gave me an excuse to rest. When I heard that this is our spot for lunch I was extremely happy. I really enjoyed the picnic with this amazing view. (I had very good company too but don’t tell Seamus that I said so) 🙂



I have taken a few selfies today with my  Canon 760d camera. I discovered that I can turn the screen at different angles and take pictures of myself and look through the lense at the same time. It’s cool feature, isn’t? ( I have read that I can manipulate my camera with my phone from some distance but I havent downloaded the app yet.)

I am happy to share with you a short video of me arriving on the top of Tonelagee the 3rd highest mountain in County Wicklow. I arrived very slowly, exhausted and at the end of this video you can see the start of my victory dance with some victory noises that came out of my mouth and from my happy heart. It is a pity that Seamus stopped recording, I was celebrating with funny moves/dancing and singing/shouting for much longer. My personal guide and hiking trainer Seamus pushed me really hard this time to get to the top. I survived it all.

Thank you Seamus for making the video and photos, for organizing this hike and for kicking me to the top.

Link to Seamus’s blog called Supersullivan and the Camino

I have so many pictures from this hike and so much that I want to write about and share with you. I hope I will find some time to create a detailed post about my first two hikes soon.

Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know what do you think in comments.



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    Well done, Petra, you intrepid explorer. 🙂

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