Ben brown pitbull – little photoshoot in Fairview park

It was my pleasure to meet this well-behaved, friendly brown pitbull Ben for my little photoshoot. All pictures in this article were taken in Fairview park during event called “Dog walk, socializing, free photoshoot event 17.4.2016.”




My favorite photo of Ben is below. I love the expression in Ben’s face. He looks like he is enjoying the sun. Or is it the photoshoot that he loves so much and that is what is he telling me by this expression? Hmmm.


Ben playing with other dogs:


Ben playing with our dog Gerina:

Have a look at all the dogs from this photoshoot event, just click here:

Westie Heather has here pictures published here:

To see photos of Mika, just click here:

You can also search in categories “Little photoshoots in Fairview park” or “We love dogs” and you will find more articles about dogs with photos.

There are at least two more dogs that have pictures done on this same photoshoot event. I am going to be editing the pictures and the articles with photos will be published on my blog soon. I have been very busy with my first art exhibition, so it has been hard for me to find time for blogging. But don’t worry, you will see more photos of doggies soon and also article “Behind the scenes” about the photoshoot event with some secrets revealed will be published one day.

When I will finish all the editing photos and writing, I will organize similar photoshoot event.

Would you like to join us in next photoshoot event?

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Thank you for reading my blog. I am looking forward to hear from you in comments.






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