Art exhibition in Russborough house – my art work is displayed

Good news! My art work is displayed in Russborough house this weekend. It is good place to visit with kids. Let me tell you all about the amazing activities that you and your kids can do near Russborough house. Come and have a look at my paintings and work from other artists, have fun with your kids.


I have this my painting of water lily framed this week at John Paul Photography in Fairview and it is ready to be displayed this weekend in Russborough house. My paintings will be displayed together with art work from artists that are part of group called Cruthu. Cruthu has their premises for exhibition and other art activities in a house just at the entrance to the Russborough house.  Opening hours for Cruthu and the exhibition this weekend: Saturday , Sunday and Monday 12:oo to 17:00

For direction and more information about Russborough house click on this link to Wikipedia:

I went to see Russborogh house and Cruthu premises few weeks ago with my 7 years old son. We tried amazing maze and playground that is near Russborogh house. I was worried at first that we will get lost in the maze, but we got a nice simple map of the maze. There were many kids running in the maze and having fun. We found the middle of the maze without a map. My son wanted to find the way back to the entrance on his own. He used the map and he got us out of the maze. So, no excuse! If 7 years old boy didn’t get lost and found the way out, you can do it too. 🙂 My son was also excited about little lambs and sheep that are near the playground. They use some of the sheep for sheep dog show. There are many more activities for kids for example Fairy trail or Birds of prey. I will be visiting Russborough house this weekend to discover more activities for me and my kids. When I experience something myself and with my kids, I always love to write a blog post about it with photos and share it with you. Now that I will be exhibiting my art at Russborough house some weekends, I will be writing about this place more and more on my blog to give you more motivation to come and to give you more inspiration what you can do with your kids there.  Few picture for you from my last visit to Russborough house:


More information and photos about Russboroug House coming on my blog, on my Facebook page and on my Twitter soon.

Special Thank you to John Paul Photography for framing my painting of the water lily.

I love the frame!

Link to John Paul Photography Facebook page:


Thank you for reading my blog. I am looking forward to hear from you in comments.





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6 Responses to Art exhibition in Russborough house – my art work is displayed

  1. You’re a very talented lady, Petra. Your work is so natural and full of feeling. I wish you every success in your work and look forward to seeing it promoted further.

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