Chasing birds with camera – part 2

I got one in Fairview park! Yeah, finally, first bird captured! How close can you come to a bird before he fly away? How much can your camera zoom? How much can you crop your picture in photoshop and still get nice sharp image? Without extra lences that can zoom alot, just with my camera Canon 760d and sometimes just with my phone Samsung I am chasing birds everywhere.


This time it was unexpected. I walked in Fairview park with 4 kids and our dog Gerina. It was lovely sunny day so I took my camera with me. I knew I would not have much time to take pictures, because 4 kids and a dog always make me busy enough in the park. We were walking and playing in the park. I took few pictures of the kids and then we spotted some birds sitting on fence. Somehow I managed to motivate the kids to play the “chasing birds” game with me. So when someone saw a bird: “Mum bird, freeze, everyone freeze!” The kids found it so funny that mum is sneaking with camera near the bird and he always fly away. So when I actually got him, it was little celebration. Hurayy 🙂


IMG_5359 IMG_5359-Edit-Edit

I put these two pictures next to each other so you can see the original shot and the croppend version together. By looking at the photo you can imagine how close to the bird I managed to get.

Have you seen the beautiful bird from my “Chasing birds with camera – part 1 ” ?

Try and click here:

In part one I mentioned an adventure. Yes I went to adventure trip to Dun Laoghaire. My friend spotted little bullies, birds that come very near to people and steal their food. I will write all about it in part 3 of “Chasing birds with camera”. Keep and eye on my blog posts, subscribe or follow my blog so you don’t miss many amazing photos from this adventure.

You can enjoy photography even if you dont have much free time, even when you have kids with you. It doesn not matter what device you have, super camera or just phone, your heart is what makes you a photographer. Just stop for a minute in your life and take some pictures, make memories.

Thank you for reading my blog. I am looking forward to hear from you in comments.






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4 Responses to Chasing birds with camera – part 2

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  3. Maggie says:

    What fun.. great idea to get the kids involved…

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