Time to celebrate: first two gifts sent

First two gifts were sent today by registered post for two of our winners who solved the last riddle. It is really nice event for me to celebrate.


I am really happy that I sent two prints of my art to first two winners who solved riddle posted on my blog. Both winners chose a copy of my oil painting called Horse. (One winner was announced on my blog and one winner was from Czech Facebook group where I posted the same riddle.) On the photo above you can see the print of my art, envelope size A4 and carton that I addend inside the envelop to protect the print from bending.

Thank you everyone for participating in solving the riddle. Would you like to know what was the riddle about? Here is link, just click and see:


Did you missed the riddle? Don’t worry. I hope I will post new riddle soon. And there are 2 other events happening on my social media now, where you can get a gift. One is on my blog:

Competition: Write poem for photo. For more information click here:


The second event is on my Facebook page:

Competition: Share post. (The person who does the highest number of sharing will get a gift.) Link to my Facebook page:


Thank you for reading my blog. Have a fun and enjoy competing to get some nice gift. Let me know what do you think in comments.

I am looking forward to hear from you.



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