Little photoshoot in Fairview park – Chiko

Chiko is amazing golden labrador and I met him last week in Fairview park. He looks a little bit like our family dog Gerina. Chiko is very fast and sometimes it looks like he is flying, so It was challenging to take pictures of him. The sun was really down and evening light like this can bring some magic to the images.

20151031-IMG_4935-Edit  20151031-IMG_4936-Edit

It is amazing how Chiko rest and the way he lay down:



   20151031-IMG_5027-Edit   20151031-IMG_5025-Edit


20151031-IMG_5029-Edit   20151031-IMG_5051-Edit

20151031-IMG_5052-Edit 20151031-IMG_4942-Edit 20151031-IMG_5023-Edit

20151031-IMG_4922-Edit-2 20151031-IMG_4920-Edit-2

20151031-IMG_4924-Edit 20151031-IMG_4916-Edit

20151031-IMG_4912-Edit 20151031-IMG_5033

Below you can see how I like to crop my photos. On the left is the original shot. In the middle is cropped image in ratio 2:3 (4:6 inches postcard) and on the right is cropped images in ratio 1:1 . You can click on any image to enlarge it and see more details.

20151031-IMG_4920 20151031-IMG_4920-Edit 20151031-IMG_4920-Edit-2 20151031-IMG_4922 20151031-IMG_4922-Edit 20151031-IMG_4922-Edit-2

Original is on the left. I cropped the original photo and adjusted the colors in Photoshop. Sometimes I do few different versions and chose the best one when I place them on web. This time I like two versions (below) I don’t know if it is the best that someone can do in Photoshop with a bit over exposed image. Well, there is so much to learn about Photoshop and I would like to attend a course in Dublin to see how I can improve my skills. When you look at the photos below..Which one do you like more?

20151031-IMG_5023 20151031-IMG_5023-Edit 20151031-IMG_5023-Edit-Edit

One photo of a flying dog and how I changed it in Photoshop:


Two cropped images with adjusted colors:

20151031-IMG_4894-Edit-Edit 20151031-IMG_4894-Edit

Black and white version:


I like Chiko’s shiny coat and this photo is just tempting me to do a painting of him.

Thank you for reading my blog. I have many more pictures of Chiko from the same day. He played with our family dog Gerina and also with Fred. Some day I will edit more pictures of these three dogs together and publish little article for you.

I also did photoshoot with Fred few weeks ago, you can have a look at photos of Fred and read the first article about Fred here:

Photo and painting of Fred:

20150803-IMG_1705      20150805-IMG_1774-Edit

You can read more about our family dog Gerina on my blog. The most popular article about her is Gerina in water:

Two Photos and painting of Gerina:

20150824-IMG_3052-Edit   20150824-IMG_2920-Edit-Edit   WP_20150421_007

If you are dog lover like me, have a look at my articles in categories “We love dogs” and ” Little photoshoots in Fairview park.”

If you would like to meet me and our family dog Gerina for a walk and have a little photoshoot of your dog, let me know in comment, message me on Facebook or on Twitter.

I am looking forward to hear from you. Let me now what do you think in comment.



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