Little photoshoot in Fairview park – Gentle Lady

Few days ago I had the honor to meet this gentle lady in Fairview park. It was raining nearly the whole week. When the rain stopped and a little bit of sun comes up, I quickly took my camera and went to the park to see if I can meet some dogs for a photoshoot.


I call this lovely dog a Lady, because she is very gentle and friendly. (I wouldn’t get the spelling of her real name right and sometimes I just forget the dogs names, so please don’t hesitate to remind me the name of your dog, if you want ho have it in any of my articles). She seems to like me. When I came near to her to take a photo, she came even closer. She wanted me to pet her, she put her nose into my hands and she gave me the dogie look that you cant resist. So I just smiled at her and pet her. I was surprise that my dog Gerina wasn’t jealous. The owner of the dog helped me to keep the dog in a little distance by calling her and talking to her, so I could take the photos. On some of the pictures she is staring at him and it look really good. She has this “I love you ” or ” I adore you” look.

20151028-IMG_4451-Edit 20151028-IMG_4440-Edit

20151028-IMG_4397-Edit 20151028-IMG_4398-Edit 20151028-IMG_4418-Edit 20151028-IMG_4442-Edit 20151028-IMG_4453-Edit20151028-IMG_4449-Edit 20151028-IMG_4372-Edit

The dogs were running around, but not really playing together. There was one scary moment between the dogs. Gerina laid down to rest and Lady came near her, probably just to say hello. Lady’s face was higher and she touch Gerina’s back. Gerina didnt like that at all, because she is very upset when dos are trying to jump at her to mate.(Lady didnot intend to do that, it was just one soft touch). Gerina just charged after Lady, which was very noisy and scary movement, but without any biting involved. Well, my heart stopped beating for a moment. If Lady was dangerous as many people say that this bread is, Gerina could end up hurt. Lady did not respond in an aggressive way, she just moved away from Gerina. Gerina never bite, so no one got hurt, but it looked scary. Labradors are not always as friendly as people think. You can read about Labradors in book how good they are with kids. It is true, but never let your child to touch any dog you don’t know. It is good to ask the owner for permission to approach and touch the dog. Our Gerina is very good with kids, but I always keep my eyes on her and on the kids to see what they are doing together.


It is important to let the dogs run together, socialize them and teach them good manners. It was hard to capture them together on one photo, because Gerina run very fast as she was nearly flying. Lady was more exploring and running a bit slowly. They look good together, don’t they?

Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know what you think in comment. What is your experience with other dogs in park?

You can see more pictures and read about photoshoots with dogs in category “We love dogs” or in category ” Little photoshoots in fareview park”. One of the most popular photoshoots is Gerina in water: 20150824-IMG_2986-Edit

I love to do oil paintings of dogs, have a look at my paintings:


If you would like to join us for a walk in Fairview park and have a photoshoot for your dog, let me know in comment here, on Facebook or on Twitter. It is not easy to meet, because we need good weather, but we can try.. I am trying to set a day and time that I would be in the park every week. It would probably be on Thursday or Friday around 2:30 pm.

So if you would like to join me, just text me to find out if I am going or not at these days. (I get messages on Facebook delivered to my phone.)

I am looking forward to hear from you.



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3 Responses to Little photoshoot in Fairview park – Gentle Lady

  1. Nice photo shoot! Must have indeed been scary, but everything turned out alright. I think this breeds isn’t aggressive but a lot of bad owners give the breed a bad reputation. And I think some of the breeders breed with the more aggressive dogs because they want to sell ‘fight dogs’. Too bad 😦

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