Competition: Write poem for this photo

(This post was published on October 31, 2015 and the competition mentioned below is now closed.)

Do you have creative heart? Try this little competition. Write a poem, heart warming message for a friend, positive quote or few nice words to wish something good to someone to be displayed on postcard with this photo.


Winner will get a prize.

What the prize will be?

Winner of this little competition will get two prints of this postcard with the winning poem or text. ย Winner can have his personalized text on the postcards printed if that’s what he/she would prefer. The postcard will be delivered in envelope by post.

Write your poems in comments on this article.

You can write as many poems or ideas as you want, but keep them in separate comments and in the right place, here below this article (not on Facebook).

Good luck and have a fun.


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15 Responses to Competition: Write poem for this photo

  1. Anjel Parker says:

    All my tears fell upon the petals of a rose
    When all my dreams vanished before the sun
    The only memory I have left of our love
    Is atop of the stem where our love first begun

    Anjel Parker

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  2. Anjel Parker says:

    I get to play in the rain, and see rainbows wave from in the sky
    I get to dance underneath an apple tree and marvel at an Eagle soaring by
    But neither of these dandies make me smile from ear to ear
    Like the gentle aroma of a radiant rose, as the one that’s pictured here

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  3. Anjel Parker says:

    If I told you how I felt, would you stay or would you leave
    Would you tell me how you felt inside, how honest would you be
    If I gave you a rose, a single sign to show you that I’m true
    Would you take my rose and take my love and leave me breathless without you

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  4. Your beauty shines as this Rose shines in the sun
    Your eyes glisten as this Rose drips with the morning dew
    Your cheeks shine of Peachy Pink as the petals fill with color
    May your day be as beautiful as this Rose.

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  5. 7einayim says:

    When I Pray Dew Drops Descend upon the Petals of this Rose,
    Just As the Doors of a Night’s Dream Begin to Close.
    O God, May a New Dawn Rise Full of Hope for Those โ€“
    Whom to Love and Cherish My Heart Chose

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  7. This competition is now closed. I would like to reward everyone who participated with one sample of my art. I will also write a blog post with all the poems related to this photo that I received on my social media. I would like to include a link to website or blog of each person that participated in the upcoming blog post about this competition. If you participated and you would like to have link to your blog/website on my blog please let me know. Thank you all for amazing poems. I am looking forward to hear from you so I can send you the gift.


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