Photo with short story: Frozen beauty in a glass

One simple editing tool in Photoshop called healing brush can make a magic with your photo. Read  more and you will see how I took these photos, what I used to create the background for my photoshoot and how I edited the images. (Click on each photo to enlarge the image and see amazing detail.)


This is my second photoshoot with the same rose. First I played with water and it created lovely drops on the rose. I published the photos and wrote about it in article called Photo with short story #day 7. This time I played with ice. I used simple glass full of water, put the rose inside that water, then I placed the glass inside freezer. I completely forgot about it. The day passed and I went to the bed. I could not sleep and as I was thinking about pretty much everything that has happened the last week, I remembered that I have a rose in the freezer. I jumped out of the bed, rescued the rose from the freezer and I took first photo.


Well, before I actually took the picture I had to create some nice background. I don’t have studio so I had to work with what I have in my home. The best piece of furniture to place the rose  seems to be the heater. Fortunately it was not turned on, so it had cold surface. Otherwise the rose and the ice would melt very quickly. I picked a blue t-shirt for the background and place it under my object. I tried to took photos from different angels. I knew that the blue t-shirt does not have to covet the whole background, because I could easily fix that in Photoshop.

Next four photos below are all created from the same image. The 4th photo is cropped in ratio 2:3 and its displayed way bellow the other three images. When you look at the three photos below: The first photo on the left is the original shot. The photo in the middle is just cropped version of the original shot. I like to use ratio 1:1 for cropping, because it is the best size for publishing photos on Instagram. As you can see that on the middle photo there are some brown spots, but the photo on the right side has only blue background.

20151029-IMG_4503 20151029-IMG_4503-Edit 20151029-IMG_4503-Edit-Edit

Change the background in Photoshop, make it nice and blue:

You can achieve that by using one simple tool in Photoshop. Choose the icon “healing brush tool” from the bar on left side. When you right click on the icon you will have five options of brush tools (spot healing brush tool,Patch tool,etc). Choose the one that has the same name “Healing brush tool.” Now you can adjust the size of the brush and you can also chose between two modes: replace and normal. I always pick the mode “replace” first. Point at a place on the photo with cursor of your mouse, in this case on blue part of the picture. Use Alt + click to chose the place. Then anytime you click again on any brown place it would replace the brawn color with the blue. When I am done with replacing, I always switch to the normal mode for the healing brush tool. Normal mode will soften the background, blend the colors nicely together. It feels like painting. I don’t know if my English is good enough to explain working with this tool enough for you to understand. The best way for you to learn it is to try it yourself in Photoshop. There is free trial version available online. I like to use the tool called “crop” for cropping my images a lot. The best ratio for postcards and printed photos is 2:3 (4:6). Detail cropped in this ratio:

20151029-IMG_4503-Edit-Edit-EditWhen you look at the pictures below, the original shot is on the left, cropped image is on the right:

20151029-IMG_4504 20151029-IMG_4504-Edit-Edit

20151029-IMG_4508 20151029-IMG_4508-Edit


20151029-IMG_4523 20151029-IMG_4523-Edit

With time the ice melted a bit and the rose changed appearance. Here are two more images while the rose was still in the glass.

20151029-IMG_4527-Edit    ************************************************************


There are many more pictures that I would love to share with you. I took the ice with the rose out of the glass. It was really interesting to watch how the ice was melting and how the rose was changing.

If you would like to see more pictures from this lovely photoshoot, keep eye on new posts on my blog. I will edit more photos ad publish part 2 of “Beauty in ice .” I usually tweet when some article is coming up soon on my blog, so follow me on Twitter and also Facebook.

Thank you for reading my blog. Have a look at my article about my first photoshoot with this same flower, where you can see how water can change the image. Just click here:

Let me know what you think in comment.

I am looking forward to hear from you.



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