Very Little photoshoot in Fairview park this time and how your dog can participate

Couple of weeks ago I met this amazing young dog and his owner in Fairview park.


I usually take at least 200 pictures, then I choose few best images and publish them with little story about the photoshoot. This time I only spend few minutes with this dog. I had less than 50 images to work with and I missed one very important thing that photographer need – light. The day wasn’t sunny. Despite the fact that most of the images are not very sharp, I decided to give it a go and do my best in editing the images. The pictures look nice together on one page:

20150917-IMG_4080-Edit-Edit 20150917-IMG_4081-Edit 20150917-IMG_4082-Edit 20150917-IMG_4086-Edit 20150917-IMG_4089-Edit 20150917-IMG_4102-Edit-3 20150917-IMG_4103-Edit 20150917-IMG_4109-Edit

I have to tell you few words about this amazing dog. He is less than one year old. I could say he is still puppy. He was very playful and full of energy, running quite fast. He loves to wear his ears turned up and it was hard to catch him with his ears dawn. It was so cute.

20150917-IMG_4111-Edit 20150917-IMG_4111-Edit-Edit 20150917-IMG_4111-Edit-Edit-2-Edit

As always I have done lots of different cropping to create the best composition. This time I also used Photoshop and tried to balance the colors. So which one of these three pictures you like the most? Can you guess which one is cropped from original?

My best photoshoot of a dog so far was “Gerina in water”, which is an article with the 20150824-IMG_2986-Edithighest number of views on my blog. I spent really long time with Gerina and I have done many photoshoots in water with her before I got nice shot like this one. Have a look at more pictures of  Gerina :

All my photoshoots with dogs so far are with people that I just met in the park. On a nice sunny day I just bring my camera with me, I ask people with dogs if they have the time so I can take some pictures.  Few people online contacted me, who would like to have photoshoot for their dog. I arranged few meetings, but they were all canceled and I just went for a walk with my dog alone.  In the future I would like to organize a walk with dogs on the Clontarf promenade (Dublin 3, Ireland), maybe up to the beach. If you are interested to go with us, socialize your dog with other dogs and have pictures taken of your dog, let me know. I would need your email address or phone number or your Facebook profile so we could get in touch with each other. I will make a list of people and I will let you all know some day and time for the walk with photoshoot.

Anyone who already had photoshoot done, can contact me and we can do it again.

Don’t forget its free, it only cost you time to come to Dublin 3. The more time I spend with the dog, the better the pictures is. Let me know if you are interested.

Have a look at other photoshoots of dogs that I have done so far. Just click here:

Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know what do you think in a comment.

I am looking forward to hear from you.



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5 Responses to Very Little photoshoot in Fairview park this time and how your dog can participate

  1. Ypsilon2007 says:

    I love dogs and cats so love your blogposts. What I also like is what you do with your photographs. There is a lot of learning here. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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