Photo with a short story #day 6 – Little change in composition can make a difference

Have a look at these two images. Let your eyes and your artistic heart tell you which one is more interesting for you to look at.  When I take pictures, I am trying to get a perfect shot, with perfect composition already. Some photographers never edit their photos. It is truly amazing skill to be able to take perfect shot without editing the picture. I cannot resist playing with the image in Photoshop and trying to find even better composition, create better photo. Sometimes it takes just very little adjustments.


The original photo is bellow. When I cropped the picture I noticed that my eyes are enjoying the image more, focusing more on the beautiful drops of water.  Second little change that I did is rotating the image little bit. You may notice the difference when you look at the original and the final version together ( scroll the page to make the two pictures below appear on the screen together.)



Now my eyes like to follow the line, that the flower is suggesting with the stalk and then look at the drops. There is a whole science about how people look at picture and where the eye tend to go first and where next. The findings are used in advertisement to catch the attention of a consumer. I do not apply any of these rules when I edit my photos. I only use my heart and feelings to find out what my eyes like more and then I adjust the picture.

I believe people are different. Maybe the original picture is working better for you. It is interesting for me to see what different people like. I also like to look at other artist work and photos. I love to see how others express their artistic heart and how they press it into image. So if you are an artist or photographer, leave link to your page in comment. Or simply write comment and I should be able to find your blog on WordPress.

Since I got my camera I haven’t have many opportunities to take pictures of flowers. I have been dreaming about going to the Botanical Gardens in Dublin. It is in walking distance from my house, but I haven’t found the time to go there yet. Picture in this article is from the Japanese Gardens. I wrote few other posts about this place, which is also called the Irish National Stud & Gardens.

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Thank you for reading my blog. I will be happy to hear from you.



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2 Responses to Photo with a short story #day 6 – Little change in composition can make a difference

  1. That was a good one and love the colours of the flowers.I am an amateur photographer and would love to learn.


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