Photo with short story #day 5 – Interview with Stallion Palavicini

Don’t get confused. The title is correct. I was talking to a horse and he definitely answered my questions. Read more, have a look at the photos and see for your self. Have you ever done interview with a star? Some human stars, celebrities can be quite cranky, some would refuse to give you interview at all. This horse is a star. He is the famous stallion Palavicini. You can meet him in the Irish National Stud & Gardens, Tully, Kildare. He was very kind to me.


Let’s see how it all started. I was walking with my camera and with the tour guide around the place. I could not take any nice picture, because all the horses were far from the fence. When I arrived to Palavicini, he was quite far as well. I wanted to capture this amazing stallion with my camera so I started to call him and talk to him. Here is first shot as he was approaching:


Thanks to my camera Canon 760D I could zoom a bit, even with the basic lenses. I cropped the image, because in the original image was too much of the fence and the stallion looked just tiny. (See all the originals at the end if this article.) Its not a bad photo, but I wanted something much better. So I started to talk to the horse: ” You are such a good boy.” “You are coming to me, wow. ” ” Come on good boy, come on.”


He gave me this expression saying: ” You are such a boring photographer.”

I was laughing at all the faces he gave me. I talked to him more and more and he seems to like it. I asked him to pose for me so I could take some nice shot. Look at him, isn’t he beauty?


Clever boy, isn’t he? These few pictures above are cropped. You can see the originals bellow, they have some magic too.

20150829-IMG_3359      20150829-IMG_3343

It would be amazing to be allowed inside the fence and enjoy taking pictures near the horse. I would love to get some lenses to zoom more. (The cropped image is much better, isn’t? You wouldn’t think I took the picture from such distance, would you?)


Of course better than zooming is close contact with a horse. Have a look at my article: “Soft touch – relaxing time with a horse”. It is about a little foal, he is also at the Irish National Stud & Gardens. Just click on the link:

Link to Irish National Stud & Gardens website :

Each stallion has a sign and photo placed on the fence. This one is for Palavicini:


I met some stallions and more amazing horses there, so hopefully I will write more stories for you to read soon. Keep and eye on new posts in category: “Horses.”

You can also have a look at my paintings. I love to paint horses.

Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know what you think in comment.

I am looking forward to hear from you.



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4 Responses to Photo with short story #day 5 – Interview with Stallion Palavicini

  1. Vaishakhi says:

    This is so adorable. I can believe that Palavicini was talking to you! I do that with all animals I meet and they do respond. I think you’ve taken some wonderful pictures. Palavicini should be flattered!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda says:

    Lovely story and lovely photos! He is a very handsome chap! How cool that he came over when you called him! Popping in as part of my blog comment challenge 300 in 30 days. Found your blog on 30 days of blogging. I have signed up for the emails and will work through them next month.

    Liked by 1 person

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