Photo with short story #day 4

This picture is not for aliens, because as far as I now they don’t leave any mess after having picnic on our planet Earth. Do you see the expression in the dog’s eyes? She knows that she should not play with that. She just like to pick it up and run away. Diabolical look and quick move. “You can’t catch me!” HA, she thinks its a game. At this point I always start to be worried that she is going to hurt herself with some sharp part of the bottle.

Well, I should bring a ball or Frisbee next time with me. The dog needs something to play with.  And after the picnic you should….

You know, don’t you? Clean up please….

What is your dog favorite toy in the park? Do you always follow the rules? For example this one: “Do not let the dog play with a stick, he will swallow some piece.”

Let me know what you think and play safely with your dog 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog.

You can find more about dogs on the page “For dog lovers” or in category “We love dogs.”

The star on this photo is our family dog Gerina. You can read more about her and see amazing pictures of Gerina in water. Just click here:

I will be happy to hear from you



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