Photo with short story #day 2

Labradors have lots of energy. Our family dog Gerina would not stop moving even inside the house. It is very hard to motivate her to stay still and pose for you so you could take a nice picture. You would need some very tasty dog’s treat or good smelling ham to capture her staring at you and posing like this. When I took this picture, I had something very different then food in my hands and it was very interesting for Gerina.

I took these few images with my new camera Canon 760D at the very first day when I brought it home. I wanted to test the camera and no one was home, except our beloved Gerina. All the noises and lights coming out of my camera seemed to be very interesting for her. Yeah, the amazing thing in my hand, which makes Gerina posing for me, that was Canon 760D. Maybe she enjoyed being the star and she liked the very first little photoshoot of her. Well, she has never posed for me inside the house like that again. Why hasn’t she?

When I take Gerina for a walk I would always have camera with me. She knows that very well. You know when you bring the lead, your dog knows whats going to happen next and he starts jumping and freaking out with happiness that you are going to take him out.  That’s exactly what Gerina would do when I take my camera and try to get some nice shot of her in the house. It is nearly impossible to capture her sleeping or have her posing like she was at the first day. There images are memories of the first day with my new camera, memories of my first little photoshoot.

20150617-IMG_0011 20150617-IMG_0011-Edit

Long time ago I had and old camera. I was using black and white film and developed my photos in the black room myself. I always like to remember the old times, so I change my images into black and white by using Photoshop. Black and white photography has a magic for me.

Have a look at the little photoshoots that I have been doing in Fairview park. We met many amazing dogs there. Just click on the link below, chose from the articles and see lovely images of dogs we met:

You can find more photos with short story in category “Enjoy Photography.” Just click here:

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