Gerina in water – little photoshoot

Last few days I have done few little photoshoots with dogs in Fairview park. Some people were really busy, so there was no time to take many pictures of the dogs, some people were very friendly and excited to have photos of their doggies taken. When there is more time and nice sunny day the pictures are always better. Finally I have my exams done and I have more time to edit some photos and share it with you. First I am sharing this amazing photos of our family dog Gerina. She absolutely adore water and we both really enjoyed taking these photos.

Where is the stick?


Gerina jumping in the water and fetching the stick:

20150824-IMG_2920-Edit-Edit   20150824-IMG_3001-Edit


Who put salt in this water?

20150824-IMG_3026-Edit            20150824-IMG_3026

Gerina enjoying the sun and watching sunset:


20150824-IMG_3052-Edit  20150824-IMG_3053-Edit

I have been trying to capture the moment when Gerina is shaking the water away last few weeks. Finally a got one photo that is interesting:


20150824-IMG_2987-Edit-Edit         20150824-IMG_2987-Edit         20150824-IMG_2920-Edit-Edit-2

I am adding few original photographs below that I used and cropped to create some of the images that you have just seen above. You can see how good is the camera. I was quite far and I used only basic lenses. And it is still possible to crop the pictures to get some nice details. I like to crop photos in different ways and change it – play with the composition. If you look at the photos again you might see which image came from which original shot.

20150824-IMG_3001 20150824-IMG_2895


If you like the photos you see and you would like to have a walk with us and have some pictures of your doggies taken, just let me know. I am still doing this little photoshoots for free. Take the opportunity and contact me while this offer is still on.

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Thank you for reading my blog. Keep an eye for new posts. You can read more about little photoshoots with different dogs in the section “We love dogs.”




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