Photographer’s meetup in Dublin ZOO

20150816-IMG_2487Spend wonderful afternoon with amazing people, it is like my dream comes true.  I had the opportunity to meet with many enthusiastic photographers at the Dublin ZOO last Sunday. The weather was quite good for taking photos, we walk together around the ZOO and helped each other to learn more about our cameras. We had amazing teacher, Cyrus Sangari, who organized the meeting and helped us to learn a lot about our cameras. He also brought special equipment and let us try it on out cameras.


We had lots of fun and Cyrus motivated us with a little photo competition. From all pictures that we took in the ZOO we can submit 3 photos in these categories: Birds, Mammals and Black and white photo. We figured out that very interesting group of  mammals in the ZOO were photographers.  You have to use very high shutter speed to catch us doing this or you can use a little trick and say: “Please can you all take picture of me?”


I can’t wait to see all these 3 photographs of me how I am taking this picture, so come on guys, please send the photos to me. 🙂   And here we go…few more:

20150816-IMG_2654-Edit-Edit      20150816-IMG_2638-Edit

20150816-IMG_2651-Edit-2      20150816-IMG_2651-Edit

Green mode was not allowed, neither the other automatic buttons…..

I was not brave enough to use complete manual, so I used AV or TV.  I got my camera Canon 760d about one month ago and it is still more clever than me, so I have lots to learn. I usually publish only my best photos, but today it is more about the learning process. I was trying to take a picture of beautiful swan. But before I could get the exposure right, swan was gone. I tried to change the exposure 3 times and the picture was still to bright. If I had bread with me to feed the swan, maybe I would have enough time to get it right. Sometimes what you mess in the field you can fix in photoshop. It is more easy to fix photo that is too dark then overexposed picture. I tried to fix the image in photoshop as you can see on the next picture, but it is too dark and the swan still has no shadows on her body, so it look quite flat. I know it is possible to do it better by using mask in photoshop.

20150816-IMG_2537   20150816-IMG_2537-Edit   20150816-IMG_2537-Edit-Edit

When I transferred the image into black and white, I enjoyed the cropping and getting the composition better and a little bit more enjoyable for my eyes. The final photo is not perfect, but I like it enough to use it for some quick sketch or small painting. In the future I would love to get it right with my camera and spend less time on editing and fixing images.

Next tree pictures of tiger are: original from camera, first cropped image with adjusted colors, exposure and brightness, second cropped image that is not sharp enough, but the image would do well for a painting.

20150816-IMG_2722  20150816-IMG_2722-Edit


As artist I like to paint from photographs and I am desperate to use my own images. It was hard enough to catch the tiger in some nice position, and I could not zoom more, so I am quite proud that I got at least this result for now.

Few more pictures and how I cropped them:

20150816-IMG_2575   20150816-IMG_2565


20150816-IMG_2565-Edit     20150816-IMG_2588-Edit

Which one of these two photos I should choose for the competition for category mammals?

Let the next photos tell you how I choose bird for the competition:

20150816-IMG_2676 20150816-IMG_2665 20150816-IMG_2663

Can you find the difference between the first and the second photo? What did I do to make it perfect for my eyes?

20150816-IMG_2676-Edit-Edit  20150816-IMG_2676-Edit 20150816-IMG_2676-Edit-Edit-Edit

More birds:

20150816-IMG_2683-Edit  20150816-IMG_2683-Edit-Edit

20150816-IMG_2682-Edit  20150816-IMG_2693

Can you guess which pictures I choose for the competition? You can find the answer on my Facebook page soon:

Join us on How to use camera meetup Facebook page and see results of the competition here:

A special thank you to my Facebook friend Paul Hurley who told me about the website  .That is how I found this group of photographers and started to attend workshops How to use your camera.  Here is link for you to easy find “How to use camera photography meetup group” and upcoming meetups:

“How to use your Camera” Photography Meetup

Dublin, IE
1,353 Members

Hi this group had been started up with the aim of going out with small groups of people and helping them how to use their Cameras and getting in away from using the Green Zone…

Next Meetup

How To Use Your Camera And Be Creative

Sunday, Oct 4, 2015, 2:00 PM
11 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

If you feel depressed that you don’t understand your camera or that your pictures are not good enough, I have one tip for you. Have a look at this website and call my friend Paul Hurley, he is really good  🙂  Here is link to his website:

Relax and enjoy doing what you love.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Keep an eye for new post especially about the art competition SAVE THE FROGS. Photographers, bloggers, artists and little helpers needed.

Read more about the art contest in section: Safe the frogs.



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