Little photoshoot with Daniel

During the summer many kids are home and parents keep thinking everyday how to make children busy and happy, where to go or how to find something interesting. When the weather is good like yesterday, we just have to go out. My son Daniel had simple request. He wanted to go somewhere close to the sea, so we went to the Clontarf promenade. It is nice walk around the sea side with many stops for extra exercise. While he was enjoying the “yellow things for exercise” I was playing with my camera and taking pictures of him and not only of him, but that is for another post or album…. In case you don’t know what is the “yellow thing ” here is little example, explanation by 2 photos:

20150812-IMG_2212   20150812-IMG_2264

As you can see it is quite high so it was perfect opportunity for me to take some pictures from lower position with the beautiful blue sky in the background. And with Daniel’s blue clothes it is quite nice together. Daniel really enjoyed it and he was posing like a real model.

20150812-IMG_2209    20150812-IMG_2240

20150812-IMG_2217       20150812-IMG_2218

20150812-IMG_2219       20150812-IMG_2254

20150812-IMG_2210    20150812-IMG_2211


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Sometimes it is annoying when I have to crop my pictures in order to publish them on Instagram. As far as I know It is possible to post only square pictures on Instagram. So I started to created special version of some of my pictures cropped in 1;1 ratio, which does not need any further cropping to publish them on Instagram.

I started to enjoy it. It has some magic to have same picture cropped differently. You can see the version for Instagram here:

20150812-IMG_2210-Edit 20150812-IMG_2219-Edit 20150812-IMG_2240-Edit 20150812-IMG_2253-Edit

If you would like to join us some day for a walk with your kids and get some photographs, just let me know.

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Thank you for reading my blog and keep an eye on new posts. Soon I will publish another article with a photoshoot of little girl in my house.

Any pictures of kids that are not my own are published on my blog only with the permission of their parents.

Have a look at my paintings and other photographs on my blog, read about my photoshoots on my blog in categories  “happy kids” and “we love dogs”.



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